Teach English in Taqiao Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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Nowadays, when it comes to teaching, it is not only about books, exams or the knowledge that you can gain but also the enjoyment you get from the lesson. Because of that, a great number of new teaching aids have been carried out to achieve this idea. One of these is using games which is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of using games in teaching is considerable. First of all, through games, children learn to confidently speak out loud and fluidly. Playing a game has a purpose to it, an outcome, and in order to play students have to say things – they have a reason to communicate rather than just staying quiet and listening to others. Therefore, they want to get involved because of all the activity with their classmates. Students use the language all the time during the games and purposely, their speaking skill as well as pronunciation is improved through an energetic, fun and fascinating activity. The second advantage is that students’ standards and confidence will be improved dramatically. Games are designed to stretch and test the children constantly, helping them to reach new levels of performance in an encouraging and stimulating environment. While playing games, students have the determination to perform their best. Therefore, they are pushed to do better in learning as well as exams. Futhermore, students can greatly gain confidence through playing games with their friends and teacher. Another great benenfit that using games provides is the enjoyment, especially when revising lessons. Thanks to different games, revision is no longer boring and dull. Using some of these activities will revise a massive amount of vocabulary and grammar in a few minutes. If teachers use games to revise two or three topics every lesson, as well as teach the new language, imagine how well kids will do at exams. It is understandable that children can get bored and tired during lessons. There are a lot of reasons for this, one of them is the fact that the content of the lesson can be boring. However, by using games during the lessons, it can improve students’ attention span. The physical movement involved in some games helps keep everyone stimulated and focused. Children naturally have a lot of energy and are not good at sitting for long periods so if you throw in a game with movement from time to time teachers will prevent them from getting restless and bored. Because children freely choose to get involved in the games and enjoy playing especially with other children, it creates an energy that grows with interest and improves concentration. By doing this, teachers can easily represent the lesson’s content in an energetic, fun and creative way to their students. Last but not least, the major benefit that using games in teaching provide is fun, enjoyment and relaxation. During the lessons, both teachers and students can easily get bored and dull. Because of this, participating in a game can help them to refresh themselves after a long period. In conclusion, teachers can have numerous ways to freshen their lessons up. However, it is undeniable that using games is one of the best ways to do this. By using this teaching aid, the communication between students and teachers becomes easier, more fluently and above of all, this results in a successful, energetic and stimulating lesson.