Teach English in Wagang Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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Every teacher has their own teaching style based on their character, personality, and background. In turn, students will come across a favorite teacher whom he or she will remember for a lifetime. However, not all teachers are created equally talented. Then how can an aspiring teacher become great? By learning inherited teaching skills. There are various forms of teaching skills to be learned, but three essential skills a teacher should have are patience, communication, and leadership. These three attributed skillsets can be learned through trial, error, practice, and repetition. Since it is rare for many teachers to win the teacher of the year award due to limited skills, teachers must require themselves to take on workshops, courses, training programs, or study information to improve on their teaching skills. Patience is a teaching skill that can be learned. It is likely the most important skill to have because of the various learning levels from the students. Teachers will encounter different ages of students and intelligence levels which can be rewarding, yet frustrating. Younger students lack the inherent respect for authority. Students who are slow learners can be a challenge as well. Teachers can practice patience by learning how to be grateful, embrace the uncomfortable, and play the waiting game. Being grateful is to have an attitude of gratefulness. An attitude of gratefulness is to be thankful for having students to teach them the proper path towards success. Embracing the uncomfortable helps develop patience and it starts in the classroom. Making yourself wait for a student to show signs of improvement is a lot better than instant gratification because the teacher and student experienced a journey together. Teachers can find different avenues to develop this skill outside the classroom by seeking professional help from specialized doctors, psychiatrist, counselors, ministers, spiritual institutions, or religious communities to help with patience. Communication is a teaching skill that can be learned. There are three types of communication skills, such as verbal, non-verbal, and visual aids. Teachers can improve their communication skills if one of the three types are not as good as the other. Students will need teachers to have all three types of communication skills because the students themselves also have limited understanding. Some student may learn better by a teacher’s speech, body language, or visual aid to have some form of a picture in their head visually that gives greater detail than speech alone. Preparing lesson plans are good, but easily communicating the lesson to the students is far better. There are communication workshops, classes, or in-house training available for teachers who may need help in improving their skills. Why should teachers go to these seminars or special events about communication skills? Well, it benefits the teacher to improve on something that is lacking in their communication skills. Teachers who do participate in taking a communication course or coaching program increases their value as a professional teacher whom students who would want to be guided under their leadership. Leadership is a teaching skill that can be learned. Teachers are in a way a leader to their students by guiding them in achieving their goal as learners. Teachers are the subject matter experts and student expects them to act as a role model to their success from gaining their knowledge. If a teacher lacks leadership in their classroom where the learning environment is no longer a teaching theater, but a chaotic atmosphere of disruption endangers the growth development of the student. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to seek outside help to work on their leadership skills. Teachers who help themselves enrolled in leadership training can implement their knowledge in the classroom by increasing the students’ productivity, classroom engagement, and confidently make better decision making when having to come across troubleshooting a class problem. In conclusion, teaching skills are not limited to mythologies, techniques, and theories on how to teach a class. If not already inherited from their personality trait, a teacher’s character is another teaching skill that can be taught, A characteristic attributes can come in many ways, but three essential skills a teacher should have are patience, communication, and leadership. It is impossible for every teacher to win the Nobel Peace Prize award as the best teacher in the world, therefore teachers should give themselves requirements in participating in these available workshops, courses, training programs, or study information to improve on their teaching skills.