Teach English in Wugouying Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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There is a great quote by Benjamin Franklin that summarises my beliefs on lesson planning, “ By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. A lesson plan allows a teacher to have a structure for the class that will enable them to obtain the maximum results from both the students, and the time allotted. Lesson planning is a key to successful teaching. A teacher with a lesson plan shows that they are responsible, and that they respect and care for the students time. I have found, that in teaching every seconds counts in expanding an individuals’ knowledge. Therefore, time management is important in teaching, especially with teaching english as a second language. A lot of time can be lost trying to explain something over and over. However, due to lesson planning such errors can be avoided. Time management is a result of lesson planning because it allows the teacher to utilise class time wisely. It allows the teacher to think of various scenarios that could affect the class and it allows he/she to be prepared. For example, the teacher will be prepared for any mistakes or difficulties that a student might have because the teacher has already taken it into account during lesson planning. Also, it works for the positive side as well, for example, if some students are more advanced than the topic the teacher will be prepare with additional material because they had planned ahead. If there is no plan in place, you end up wasting time and the students’ respect. Each class is different and over time as the teacher learns the strengths and weaknesses of the class or individual he/she can plan accordingly. Lesson planning is extremely beneficial for English teachers in other countries, because the teacher might be following a lesson plan that they have been using in France and they have now relocated to China. For example, in the first english class it could be about greeting and introducing yourself to each other. In France people kiss each other on the cheeks, even if it is the first time meeting, where as in China that would not be accepted. Therefore, if the teacher has prepared the lesson plan, they would be able to ensure that the culture of wherever they are teaching will be incorporated and also respected during the class. This in turn shows the students that the teacher is prepared and respectful. Lesson plans also allow the proper usage of the classroom equipment and materials such as the whiteboard/chalkboard, arranging of the desks, videos or audio clips that need to be played, workbook, worksheets, etc. With the lesson plan in place, it will maximise the use of different resources available during the class. It will show that the teacher is organised and will promote a consistent flow of the class from start to finish. It will also motivate the students because it will be less teacher talk time and more use active time for the students to practice. With lesson plans it provides structure for the students and the teacher. Hence, lesson planning also helps the teacher to be more confident because he/she will be prepared and in turn be more comfortable to teach. Some additional benefits of lesson planning are: Smooth transitions because in case a teacher is sick he/she can pass on the lesson plan to a substitute and not worry about the class not being able to follow the lesson, and Classroom management because it is a direct result of lesson planning. It helps a teacher have control of the class during activities, etc. Overall, lesson planning is important because it helps to facilitate and maximise the learning experience for the students. It enables the class to have structure, time efficiency, resource management and most importantly it helps to foster a positive learning environment for the students and the teacher.