Teach English in Wulong Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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A confident teacher has a positive impact on his/her students’ success, attendance to lessons, manners, and to establish a strong rapport in the classroom. A teacher’s positive attitude is contagious. If a teacher is energetic and self-confident, it affects students’ behaviors in the class. Therefore, teacher efficacy is one of the most valuable qualifications. It credibly designates students’ learning consequences. The more self-reliance teachers have in the classroom, the better students learn and apply those results. For this reason, the teachers should boost their confidence in the classroom by following a few key steps. Teachers should be prepared before class. A lesson plan carefully designed helps teachers to control how much time they need for each activity. Planning avoids potential problems that could arise and enables them to deal with the problems. Therefore, teachers should set goals while designing a lesson plan and prepare some objectives which are most helpful during the class. All materials needed and games should be brought to the class and they should be tied to the objective shared at the beginning of the lesson. Also, teachers should account for their students’ pace and ensure that all objectives are relevant to the topic and interesting to the students. It is one of the important keys to confident teaching. Furthermore, some flexibility can be built into their class preparations. Perfectionism surely destroys a teacher’s self-confidence. Over attention to detail or overplanning may not help to maintain students’ attention. For instance, a set of questions like “How long will this activity take?” or “ Am I doing a great job?” does not make education better. Moreover, teachers should not panic about some details. Students sometimes can have a great deal of curiosity and creativity than most instructors. Thus, if a student asks the teacher a question that the teacher does not know the answer to, it is better to confess that he/she is not sure to answer and there is no shame in telling a student that a little more time is needed to think, and the answer will be told the student in the next class. Another key to confident teaching is using body language in the classroom. Showing a smile, standing tall, acting confident even if you are not, and making eye contact have a great effect on students. Showing a smile is attractive and it will comfort the students, so when they feel more at ease, the teachers’ manner will be more at ease too. That’s why it will reflect the manner of teaching. Besides, standing tall and acting confidence have a physical influence. It is really important to speak in a clear and audible tone with the students. Having a physical influence will enhance the teachers’ mood and it will eliminate all negative thoughts. A more lively flow of the lesson will take place because of a confident demeanor. In addition, making eye contact makes the students feel that their opinions matter and that they are valuable human beings in the class; this feeling will create positive feelings towards their teacher. Thus, it will help the teachers gain self-confidence. The alternative measure of effective teaching is classroom rules. Being punctual and starting the lesson on time is critical. Do not lose control, which allows the teacher to feel more relaxed and manage the class successfully. All of these factors decrease the frequency of problems anticipated, eliminate stress, teaching the students discipline and showing that the teacher is the authority in the class. Authority in a controlled way leads to attaining respect from the students. Therefore, establishing clear rules in a respectful atmosphere is key to learning. Seeking feedback from students and colleagues is one of the best ways to improve both teaching skills and level of self-confidence. Asking students how well they understood previous topics will enable self-reflection. The self-evaluation helps them to see which points they need to strengthen and how to improve themselves when they are lacking in something. If they are lacking in any phase of engagement, studying or activities, they have to find a way to develop. In this respect, when they feel they are prospering enough, self-confidence advances. All in all, the teachers’ confidence ensure an impressive atmosphere in the classroom. By enforcing and paying attention to the above elements, the learning process can be completed successfully. Their confidence will increase students’ confidence. This interaction enables us to see a thriving and motivated future generation.