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The question of whether to learn a foreign language has become increasingly important in recent years as business has become more international and societies are becoming more engaged around the globe. Learning a language means gaining knowledge, skills from experience or studying. There are lots of languages in the world and every language reflects its community, country and continent importance in its own places. There are some foreign languages commonly used all over the world i.e., English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, etc. Knowing one language only is not enough in this competitive and business oriented world. Knowledge of foreign languages helps to make a good communication and relation among the people of different nation. A person who speaks only one language has a slim chance for succeeding nowadays in the job market. Though English language is highly spoken in the world, a languages like Chinese is also widely spoken than English. Here population plays a vital role factor for development of Chinese language. This shows that there is need of knowledge of other languages also. In this essay, the general perspective of foreign language experience will be discussed alongside its importance and ways of effectively learning a new language, especially English. The ability to learn a foreign language varies from person to person. There are persons who have studied English for a few years in a formal school, but they cannot master it successfully. Process and progress in foreign language depends on how the foreign language differ from the first language and the interference caused by the difference of the two languages. There are some steps that make us learn the foreign language easily. The first, we must know the factors which influence in learning foreign language. Although schools have a couple of foreign language lessons, that is not enough to speak fluently. Reaching advance level may take years like the mother tongue process. It requires a sequence of steps that must be followed carefully. a) The first step is going a course to learn basic grammar rules. You need grammar to form sentences, even easy ones. In schools this phase lasts at least five years, but with an effective course it could last just 1-2 years. After basic rules and times, you need to learn how to form a complex sentence. b) Practicing to improve your new language is essential. Watching movies with subtitles is one of the most effective ways of it, especially for the listening skill. After several movies you will have the ability to watch movies in original language. Reading books appropriate for your level boosts your reading and vocabulary skill. Consequently, practice makes perfect. c) The final step is interaction with native speakers. You can prefer to interact with tourists in your country or you can go abroad like most students. Abroad trips are more attractive for most people because you have to speak their language and also understanding their culture helps, too. Being exposed to this language so much your sense of language will increase and speaking will be much easier for you. Though learning a foreign language has its own drawbacks such as the cost and challenge etc. I think knowing another language different from your mother tongue can turn out to be extremely beneficial. “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way,” says Frank Smith. Considering the financial and social aspects, being competent to express yourself in another language can create real connections with people and strengthen your understanding of your own language. Some key points of why we should consider learning a foreign language are as follows: a) To begin with, the first advantage is that learning a foreign language helps to enhance your cognitive ability as it is a tough process involving a lot of brain exercise. It in turn improves personality and increases our sense of self-worth. b) Knowledge of a foreign dialect can offer unique experience to travelers as one can receive knowledge about diverse cultures, places and lifestyle. You can easily find places, ask for direction, and order food in a restaurant. You can interact with the locals more freely thereby creating greater chances of meeting new people, making new friends and having more fun. c) Apart from gaining mental enhancement and travelling favors, learning a new language can open up career opportunities in today’s world of multinational corporations. This gives you the ability to communicate and do business around the world. Many companies look to employ individuals who can speak more than one language. Taking all factors into consideration, learning a new language is a hard and long process which needs determination. If education in the school is not enough for you, you should go to a course as the starting point. After learning basics of that language, the only thing that you need is practicing regularly. The value of knowing a new language not only lies in employment opportunities but also in developing an understating of other people and culture. So learning a foreign language is highly recommended.