Teach English in Zhugou Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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Although many people with different personality types can teach well, it is important for English teachers to be kind and patient, entertaining, motivated by a love for the learning of others and adaptive to the needs of the students and the classroom to effectively fulfill their position. A teacher who is rude, harsh or easily frustrated with a desire to get as much done as quickly as possible will not be able to successfully teach English. They will not build much rapport with the students or help students who may struggle with understanding the material. A teacher must lead with kindness and patience so students feel understood and accepted and the lesson flows at an appropriate speed for all students to learn. A kind teacher leads by example, teaching students to also act with kindness in the classroom. Kindness creates an atmosphere that allows mistakes to be made and, therefore, encourages integrity, even in weakness, and the opportunity for growth. A teacher’s patience allows students the space to self-correct and learn at the pace they need without feeling rushed or discouraged by a difficult curriculum. In addition, a teacher should be entertaining to keep lessons engaging for students with varying levels of language comprehension and motivation. Although the classroom is a place to learn and to study, entertainment is equally as important to encourage such learning. Students will make more of an effort to come to class despite the hindrances outside of the classroom if a teacher makes the class fun and a time to look forward to. A teacher who is not entertaining will not be able to keep the attention of the students and, therefore, will find more difficulty when trying to encourage students to participate. If a teacher is confident and willing to put themselves out there to make the classroom a fun and active place to be, the students feel more comfortable breaking out of their shell, attempting a new language despite the fear of failing, and participating in learning that breaks beyond coursework into entertaining interactivity. A kind, patient and entertaining teacher should also have such a love for learning that they cannot help but be motivated by the desire for their students to do well and to grow in the classroom. The intrinsic motivation of a good teacher does not rely on their own affirmation as a well-liked or seemingly “good teacher”, but, rather emphasizes the success of their students. They are not motivated by the desire to bear a certain image as a good teacher, but they genuinely care for the students’ education and success, both inside and outside of the classroom, and will even sacrifice their own expectations to best serve their students. A good teacher is motivated by their own love for learning and desire to share that love with those around them through the art of teaching. A teacher must have an other-focused personality, motivated to be the best that they can be for the success of their students. Lastly, a good teacher must be adaptive and flexible to adjust to the wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses of their varying classes and students. Although a teacher must have organizational skills to create a plan, write a lesson and lead activities in a clear manner, a good teacher can quickly adjust plans and activities according to the needs of their students. In every classroom, there exists varying levels of language comprehension, motivation, and interest. To best serve a dynamic group and successfully lead a relevant and engaging course, a good teacher must examine, observe and understand the wants and needs of their students. They then must be willing and able to make the changes necessary to best accommodate to all students, meeting them exactly where they are in their learning. Overall, a good teacher is kind and patient, entertaining, motivated by a love for learning and teaching, and adaptive to the ever-changing dynamics of an English classroom. Varying personalities can teach successfully, but students are best served when a teacher humbles their expectations of their own success to kindly, patiently and entertainingly care for a diverse group of learners.