Teach English in Zhushi Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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Planning a nearly perfect lesson to teach a language can be considered as half of the work done. Because I think that a well-planned lesson will firmly grasp the students' attention and make them motivated to learn. On the other hand if the lessons are not planned well, chances are that the class may not be up to the mark regardless of how good or experienced the teacher is. Preparing a great lesson plan requires reasonable time and effort. Apart from that it is also useful to be aware of your students' level of language and their aim. the lesson plan should be such that not only motivates your students but also actively take part in the class by contributing different ideas and feedback on the questions being discussed during the class. There are numerous reasons advocating the need of planning the lessons beforehand. One important and helpful thing is that regular lesson planning will profit the teacher to know and keep record of daily activities happening in the classroom. Many teachers teach multiple classes regularly. In case of no regular lesson planning, it is very easy for them to confuse and mix their lessons. They will forget what they have taught in which class. Thus having a record in the manner of lesson plans is important to help the teacher keep a record of what they have taught and when. In other words, thoughtless teaching can be avoided with this simple process of lesson planning. Additionally, lesson plans can also be helpful to make sure that the level of the lessons keep increasing gradually. It can be argued that in the absence of regular lesson planning there is no guarantee that the teacher will be able to teach in a regular pattern. Sometimes the lesson may abruptly be much difficult than the previous lessons, resulting in the students being caught off guard. Lesson plans can also ensure that the teacher can smoothly reach the required goal and target at the stipulated time. Time can be managed very efficiently in the class if there is a set lesson plan with details mentioning the timing and target of the language. The importance of lesson plans can also be supported by analyzing the different elements in a lesson plan. A well prepared lesson plan will definitely include the objectives of learning, targeted questions, and useful activities. Having these elements on your fingertips in the shape of a lesson plan will be immensely helpful in organizing the classes and keep the classes progressing in a regular speed. Targeted questions are the goals and targets set by the teacher to help the students achieve their required level. Needless to say, lesson plans will help the teacher to feel more prepared and confident while teaching. Last but not least, regular lesson planning will also be helpful in not so rare situations when substitute teachers are required in the absence of the regular teacher. I would like to conclude my statement with the saying that “fail to plan is equal to plan to fail”. Planning your lessons effectively may feel to be a difficult task for new teachers nevertheless it is of utmost help and importance. And after some experience the teacher will find that planning lessons effectively will not remain a complex task rather the teacher will easily get used to it and it will become a regular part of teaching.