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More often than not we ourselves are own worst critics, and for this reason self reflection isn’t always viewed as a positive action. It is generally employed as a fault finding measure. However, self analysis or self reflection doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative. We can utilize self reflection to our benefit. All of us have areas in which we could improve, therefore, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about needing to assess from time to time where we’re at or how we’re doing. Used in the right way, introspection can help us to be the best version of ourselves. Especially as a teacher will it be essential to make good use of regular self reflection because it’s not just us as teachers that will be affected, but our students as well. Students will without a doubt benefit from sincere teachers who conduct an honest self analysis of themselves. The result of such sincerity will lead to well thought out lesson plans that effectively teach the objectives outlined for our students. The need for teachers to conduct a self analysis is evident by the fact that lesson plans often include a section entitled, “personal aims”. The fact that this section is included is evidence of the need for teachers to improve their teaching skills on an ongoing basis. Again, this does not reflect failure on the part of the teacher, but rather a teacher who is conscientious about meeting the needs of their students. A teacher’s self analysis without a doubt has a positive effect on the students being taught, but they’re not the only ones profiting from this arrangement. Teachers too are reaping the fruits of their labor with humility being one such reward. If we were haughty and expected perfection, errors or mistakes would feel devastating if not crippling. Whereas a humble or meek attitude builds us up and serves as a protection, for, it allows teachers to recognize that they’re not perfect which in turn provides motivation for improvement. Thus, thanks to self reflection keeping us humble we are able to keep striving towards the best version of ourselves. Another perk that is enjoyed as a result of sincere self analysis is the opportunity to identify our strengths and weaknesses which gives us direction on our path to self-improvement. This entire system of checks and balances by means of genuine self reflection gives meaning to the work we do and helps us to be able to look past shortcomings with a positive attitude. In summary, having the proper perspective about self reflection will serve us well on our journey to becoming effective teachers. A teacher’s self analysis really does benefit all. Students are provided with well thought out instruction designed to help them be successful on their path to learning. Teachers provide effective instruction as they continue to sharpen their teaching skills. The rewards are endless. So rather than be intimidated by self reflection or view it as a weakness, make the most of it and continue to improve.