Teach English in HejiAqiao Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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If dealing with humans is a challenging phenomenon of us, understanding them to make them understand is more daunting a task in every sphere of our life across all regions of the world. Who knows this better than the teachers? There are probably fewer such professions as teaching where individuals have to interact and deal with people with varying levels of background and mind frame at the same location at the same time. Little wonder, teachers have to put up a leading show in every class no matter how a situation turns out to be, more so, if it concerns the behavioral issues of the students. What is inspiring is the fact that there are always ways for the teachers to follow for tackling such issues smartly. One of the most important weapons of teachers includes the ‘ever-cheapest’ trait of keeping a smiling face against however difficult situation it may take. There is no other better and more effective characteristic available on the face of this earth than showing a smiling face to those who are not behaving themselves. It simply works miracles. It has the innate power to straighten things out. However, care should definitely be taken in how the smile should look in the face of students’ untoward behavior. A teacher should possess a commanding smile that mingles care with an aura of a strong character. This helps to control oneself if any student behaves in a way that does not fall in general guidelines of etiquette. As a matter of fact, there will be hardly any student who may behave this way if a teacher possesses such an attitude. However, it perhaps beyond our imagination how difficult it is for a person to maintain this posture all the time, so it takes both time and courage to do so. Once we get used to it, keeping our attitude in check becomes our attire. The outcome of speaking little is always more! It is always helpful to think before speaking anything. The reason for this is that when we get angry or something unexpected happens, we tend to speak more to ventilate our anger or disappointment. It not only deteriorates the situation, but we may also expose our inner selves to the students, which may have a long-lasting effect on the classroom management possibly damaging our image as a mentor. So, the golden rule is to observe more and deliver little. The insight involves the fact that all the other students are observing you! If teachers bear this in mind, it will be easy for them to behave wisely. Last but not the least, a teacher should be friendly in his/ her manner but should not be a friend. Right from the beginning of a class, a teacher needs to maintain a friendly attitude with instilling into the students a sense of distance filled with respect. This outlook of a teacher gradually builds a spontaneous respect into the students for the teacher. This should be followed by another rule of thumb- ‘courtesy begets courtesy’. Eventually, the students will learn how to behave in the class with the teacher and others. Taken as a whole, a teacher should always have the presence of mind where taking classes is concerned because it is not only about sharing knowledge with the students, but also about guiding them upholding the leadership position. One simple way to deal with an attitude problem of a student is to keep in mind a truth that he/ she is here to learn, so it is better to teach him/ her by being an example not losing control over own self.