Teach English in Huangtazui Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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English is known as a global language that almost every country worldwide may apply in their teaching system, especially Asia, in general and Vietnam. Like every other Asian countries, English are being taught to Vietnamese people at the very early age, which is about seven years old. However, most of those learners find themselves struggling speaking English fluently. This writing is my work to somehow identify the reason for this vast difficulty among most of Vietnamese learners. Nowadays, when it comes to speaking English, some Vietnamese learners report themselves unable to deliver contents of their desired speech to native speakers. Several researches have indicated that this sort of difficulty is the result of wrong pronunciation. Derwing and Munro (2005) claimed that, "having good pronunciation of the language can help in normal communication, particularly intelligibility" (as cited in Nation & Newton, 2009. p. 75). Most of Vietnamese are struggling to pronounce the ending sound of words in plural form correctly. For example, "apples" is pronounced /ˈapəlz/ with the ending sound /z/ while "poets" is pronounced /poʊ.əts/ but they are more likely to pronounce both of them ending with /s/. The ending vowels are a major cause of confusion among learners. It is also the fact that Vietnamese people tend to pronounce every word in ending sound /s/ even though that word is in singular form itself. It is also reported that majority of learners fail to differentiate the stress of a word. For instance, the verb "process" and the noun "process" have different stress but it is not being mentioned. Hence, in order to improve English speaking, it is suggested to have proper definition about ending vowels as well as the system of stress and phonetics so that Vietnamese may be able to change their habits and adjust themselves at the very early stage of learning English. Secondly, confidence is one of the reasons for this difficulty. Most of Vietnamese learners claim themselves very shy to speak out loud. However, to successfully learn a language for non-native speakers, it is not a short journey but requires a lot of practices day by day. Learners should be always encouraged to speak out loud in class even though they are wrong in pronunciation or spelling. This kind of activity allows students to gain more confidence and instructors are easier to find the mistakes and assist them to fix. It is also suggested that students should try to approach native speakers and conduct some communication so that they may be more confident in themselves and they will not be afraid to speak their voices. Finally, there is no doubt that learning English is a painful journey that requires a lot of practices days after days. However, it is more important to choose a qualified partners/instructors to practice with. For example, a young learner is instructed by the one who makes mistakes in his/her own pronunciation, which may lead to the adaption of wrong habit and it will be very hard for that learner to change. therefore, teachers or instructors are also one of the reasons why Vietnamese students are struggling to speak English fluently. it is recommended that teachers must be tested before they start to deliver the knowledge. To sum up, pronunciation play an important role in speaking English that every student must pay more attention to be fluent. furthermore, confidence and qualification of the teachers are also different aspects that I most believe may cause difficulty for students. Understanding that, it is recommended for both students and teachers to conduct more researches and more practices towards this language.