Teach English in Huanxi Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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Motivation is defined as a desire/enthusiasm for someone to do something or reasons one has for acting in a particular way. Students may have their own individual motivations for attending an English class. The motives could be for career prospects,travel purposes,to communicate with colleagues or to live/study in an English speaking country. How can a teacher help motivate their students? Can a teachers attitude or energy affect the students motivation level? Motivation has effects on students learning and behavior. When introduced into a new classroom it is important for the teacher to memorize each students names. You should show a genuine interest in them, their progress and success. A positive learning environment should always be welcoming and inviting to all students from all cultures. One of the aims of motivation is to make students aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Helping students to determine areas that need improvement can set certain goals that can be reached, therefore motivating them to reach a particular goal. When you get to know your students likes and dislikes you can use the information to provide activities and assignments that appeal to them. Using visual aids when teaching can motivate students because they can see the material being taught. Students can process the information faster when shown pictures or objects it can motivate them to learn the language. A teacher should always have a lesson plan prepared before class filled with activities, teaching aids and the goal of the particular lesson. Changing the activities used frequently can make the classroom environment less predictable and more fun. Remembering from personal experience positive competition through games was a great way to show my knowledge on the related material. Competing individually or in groups can keep students motivated. The expectation of any kind of reward whether it be a simple ''Great Job'' can make students work harder. It is also important to give praise when they have accomplished a certain goal or activity successfully. Allowing students to show their strengths in the classroom can make them feel confident and valued. Although the teacher is responsible for controlling the flow of the lesson, asking students to decide what type of activities they think should be used, can give them a sense of control as well. Another important factor when handing out assignments is to make sure everyone understands what they are expected to do. Always give out examples and elicit answers from your students to make sure they understand before handing out assignments. In order to improve your lesson methods and syllabus you must retrieve feedback from your students. Allowing them to express their opinions on how and if your lessons are helpful and interesting is important. The students can answer various questions such as ''What do you like about this class?'', ''How can we make it more interesting?'' or ''How can I improve?''. When you are aware of how your students feel about you and your methods, you can make the appropriate changes that will benefit both teacher and student. Giving feedback can help them understand the areas that need to be improved and also steps that they can take to reach the level that is expected. When correcting a students mistake proceed in a way that will not discourage or make them feel ashamed. Avoid criticizing in front of the entire class rather talk to them in private explaining the error and how to correct it. Teachers should praise the good qualities of their students. Encourage students to participate in group activities try to get everyone involved with enthusiasm. Patience is a virtue when teaching. Concluding I believe the relationship between students and teachers is very important. Motivate your students make them believe they can learn and how to deal with setbacks. Encourage students to engage through activities and assignments that will challenge their minds. The aim behind motivating students is to make them aware of what they can achieve and to reach their goals. An enthusiastic, caring and motivated teacher is more likely to have successful and motivated students who enjoy their learning experience.