Teach English in Longtan Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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I would like to talk about the topic of TEFL for non native English speaking teachers. I believe that this a very fitting topic as I myself comes from a Southeast Asian country. I am fortunate enough that English is part of our country's curriculum in all levels of education. From as early as preschool and all the way up to college and university, English is the language that is used for teaching all the subjects. It is the medium that all educational institutions use regardless of exclusivity, from rural public schools that are in isolated valleys to the most prestigious institutions in the main cities. This widespread level of usage of the English language and its deep penetration within my culture stems from the fact that our country was a colony of America. It is more so today, that all forms of media are in English, the only text that uses my native language are found in ancient manuscripts on display at the museums. In saying this, TEFL for me as a non-native English speaker is not without its fair share of challenges. There is a huge difference between using a language and teaching it. Because when teaching, there is a huge sense of accountability for what you are doing. Errors in day to day speech are negligible but teaching incorrect English has long term effects to the student, especially if you are his first English teacher. These mistakes can be carried throughout the student's lifetime and can be ingrained in his communication habits. As an ESL Teacher, I am responsible for making sure that I am teaching the right thing. I have to make sure that I do the necessary research to ensure that the content is right. I have to determine what is the most effective method to deliver the lesson. I also have to try and anticipate any problems or challenges that may arise during the class, and prepare an appropriate solution. It is also important that I know how to evaluate the students language level to make the necessary adjustments in the lesson to make sure students don't get left behind. During implementation, I am responsible for making sure that the each activity is understood by the students to get the most out of the experience. As a teacher, I think it is also very important to perform self-evaluation checks regularly and practice due diligence. I do not feel in any way that non native English speakers are at a disadvantage when teaching English. In fact, I am more certain that non native speaking teachers are more vigilant due to the diligence they must practice to be on top of things. They are also more likely to take on further studies to improve their skills and to be kept up to date in the profession. In saying this, I believe that the sense of fulfillment a non native English speaker feels after successfully teaching a language that is not innately his is twice as much than as if were. Overall, I am up to the challenge and I am very excited to embark on this new journey.