Teach English in Pukou Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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Motivating students is an essential part of the learning process to make students do better at the subject that they study. Nowadays, student motivation is a necessary element for effective teaching to make students more productive and dynamic within the learning process. For keeping students motivated, a teacher must follow some strategies for achieving this goal. First, it should be creating a good rapport between a teacher and students to recognize each other and enable the teacher to know more about his/her students’ hobbies, aspirations, and goals…etc. Second, Inspiring students by using some efficient techniques to keep students motivated and active in the classroom. Third, patience and flexibility are basic qualities required in teaching job and teacher is required to possess these qualities to be able to manage the classes effectively and know to deal with some challenges that encounter them during a teaching career. Establishing a good rapport with students helps a teacher to understand the students’backgrounds and recognize their goals, motivation, and aspiration. Developing a good rapport with students creates an effective communicative relation between a teacher and students for achieving the desired result together, in addition to that, a good relationship with students makes them have self- confidence and also encourages them to overcome shyness and hesitation to ask questions in the class. For developing a good rapport with students, a teacher should follow some helpful strategies and activities to set up this rapport to make the students feel fascinated with the subject and motivated to study the subject. A teacher must continuously work on developing their methods and skills to influence the students positively. For instance, when a teacher comes to class should show high energy, smile in face and enthusiasm to stimulate the desire and motivation for the students to feel happy and excited to start classes with a strong zeal. If a teacher comes to class with low energy, stressed and nervous with frowning face, this will affect the students' interest negatively and makes them lose their interest and feel bored. Therefore, a teacher should be aware of this matter and do their best to keep themselves high energized and motivated during the classes to keep students attentive and interactive. For a good rapport with students, a teacher must be fair and care about all students equally so as not to discriminate between students and instill a sense of collaboration, love, and respect in the classroom for reaching satisfying results. So a teacher is always required to making a good rapport with students for creating a suitable environment for effective learning and making classes dynamic and active. Student inspiration is an important part to trigger the enthusiasm, and interest of the students. Teachers must work constantly on developing effective techniques and methods to help inspire their students to be motivated and interested in the subject that they learn. Students sometimes feel frustrated and bored at the classes for many reasons, such as, the stress of overwork, the difficulty of the subject, lack of interest or other external factors that hinder them from progress in their learning. In this case, a teacher must be aware of this matter and knows to create a balance and dynamism in the classroom to keep students always motivated by involving some extra activities that help students achieve progress and improvement continuously in the classroom. For instance, telling the success stories of people who were failed either in their studies or in business life and then became successful. When telling the success stories to students, they can automatically get influenced by a story and start working hard reaching their goals and dreams. Success stories have an effective impact on arousing the students ‘motivation and enthusiasm; teachers should develop different techniques and skills to increase the students ‘motivation continuously. A teacher's role not only educates and instructs the students but also inspire and motivate them to improve their learning skills. Nowadays, A good teacher needs to possess a sense of leadership to lead and inspire the students to be successful. Patience and Flexibility are important elements for managing the stress and the challenges of a teaching field. A teacher also sometimes gets tired and bored because of daily routine or other external problems that may make them unmotivated, and then a teacher comes to the classroom with low energy and stressed, and this will affect negatively on the students' output and motivation. Therefore, a teacher should be patient and flexible to know to cope with different situations to keep dynamism and excitement in the classes so as not students lose their motivation. A good teacher should be flexible and able to adapt to the difficulties and handicaps that may face them throughout the teaching courses. Patience is a basic aspect of the teacher’s character due to many challenges that may confront a teacher in their daily routine. Patience helps a teacher to carry on his teaching career for attaining teaching objectives and flexibility makes a teacher resilient and able to change their plans and methods to make the students attentive and motivated throughout the course for a good learning atmosphere. In concluding, student motivation is an important aspect of effective teaching in the modern education system. A teacher must be aware of the importance of motivation in the classroom to make the students more productive and active to achieve more progress in their learning. Most students are talented but unmotivated by either their teachers or closer people around them to do better at school, so a teacher needs to be a motivator for the students in more cases to help students to express their talents, ambitions….. to have a good rapport with their teacher for working together for better learning environment.