Teach English in Shiting Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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A good English teacher is characterized by numerous qualities. Even every teacher is individual and has his or her own unique blend of these qualities there is still a list of requirements to them all. Without a doubt a good teacher must be passion for what he or she is doing, as have deep knowledge of a subject. Even that being human not every teacher is able to answer absolutely every question that may be asked by students. If a teacher is unsure of the answer, he or she needs to make a note, and do a research after the class and come back to the question during the next lesson. But being honest is respectful at this point. Passion and love of a subject inspires a student to learn more. Expansion of the discussion with vivid examples, life experience, and relevant facts draw on the students interests. To succeed in this all a teacher needs to have good communication skills like verbal, nonverbal and visual. At the same time a teacher needs to reduce a teacher talk time and increase student talk time, this requires a teacher to have an excellent listening skill. In learning environment, teachers ask important questions; carefully listen to what learners have to say. Besides that process great teachers need to build caring relationships with their students. Love to the learners inspires a teacher to improve, develop and reach out. This is what comes from heart. This way a teacher needs to be open, welcoming, and easy to approach. Encourage learners, never judge for mistakes and be just positive and kind. Creating a good motivating classroom environment is essential too as helps to keep up inspiring mood up. An English teacher must be responsible and have good organization skills. He or she must spend some time to prepare lesson plans in advance, take into account all strength and weaknesses of a class. For that a teacher needs to be familiar with different technics and teaching methods. An English teacher job takes lots of energy and efforts, another quality needed is a strong work ethic. High expectation for all students in a class is also important. A good teacher never gives up on any learners, he or she improve all individuals in a suitable pace. Especially when a teacher has a first lesson it is important to give a good start for further teaching proses. Establishing rapport between the students and a teacher comes first, as finding out about learners does too. Concern and commitment to the tasks are important here. Besides that a good English teacher needs to know how to manage as different size of classes, as different levels. Understanding of teamwork, ability to pair the students and make them feel comfortable. A teacher needs to be able to approach all students. Even teaching comes quite naturally with a quality of a leader, by knowing a goal to become an effective teacher all the qualities can be gained and developed with experience. There are some other personal qualities whish a teacher needs to value and follow which are cleanliness, punctuality and honesty. Be self-reflective.