Teach English in WangxiAn Zhen - Zhuzhou Shi

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Grammar helps to create effective and confident communication among people. It provides detailed thinking therefore, one can shape the grammar depending on his/her ideas. Therewithal, usage of a language has higher chance to achieve comfortable transmission. In this way, grammar can be considered as a cornerstone of a language. First of all, one of the most important thing is to motivate. Motivated students are the foremost reason for a beneficial class. Age difference plays a tremendous role in this situation. For young students who are between the ages of 8 and 18, an efficient thing would be to motivate them during the lesson. Besides, the other effective option is being positive towards students. Young learners are usually encouraged thanks to the teacher's positive attitude. On the other hand, older students can be considered more difficult to motivate. Due to their professional life and plenty of experience, they may be encouraged by specific topics and situations. Another substantial point is teaching in the correct order. Any teacher can teach right and useful subjects to students but this doesn't matter. How can one know the way if he/she doesn't know the beginning of the path? Therefore, as in everything, grammar must be taught from the very beginning in this process. Especially, new learners are prone to have some confusions hence, teaching from the middle or any specific point may not be beneficial for them. In this way, a helpful and efficacious process can be provided. One of the other important step is to be prepared. The teacher's preparation for the class is a must. Knowing the content before the lesson is a good way to be confident while teaching. As long as grammar is taught in the correct order teacher has no obstacles. For example, the correct order would be teaching adjectives and adverbs before prepositions. At the same time, learners are less likely to have confusion in this process. Also, students must be supported if it's necessary but being particular about the age range and the level of learners are the biggest importance. Another point worth mentioning is students' nationality and mother tongue. Some students may have difficulties to understand the structure of English grammar because of their native language such as, a learner who is Turkish may have some difficulties during the process because, Turkish is an agglutinative language that is a member of Ural Altaic linguistic family. Hence, the grammatical difference between these two languages may cause some complexity for the student. In other respects, phonetic differences are additional problems that a student may have to face. To prevent these sorts of trouble, the teacher's most major duty is to know his/her students and ensure having a strong relationship with learners. Lastly, the instructor must diagram the sentences. This may also be a good solution for students who have some adversity to grasp English grammar that is dissimilar to their native language grammar. Following patterns can be a good way to perform in this course. Additively, learners should not be asked questions in this at this point. Instead, they can be given some activities to check their comprehension. To sum up, grammar is one of the most prominent and vigorous steps of the learning process in English. It is the life bond of having accuracy in any language as much as fluency. For this reason, grammar teaching plays a considerable role in terms of English instruction.