Observed Teaching Practice Certification Courses

For nearly two decades ITTT has been providing high-quality TEFL/TESOL training online and in-class at training centres around the world. At ITTT we are committed to providing the best courses to meet the needs of our students and the TEFL/TESOL industry, and with this in mind we have developed the online Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) course. The OTP course is aimed mainly at qualified TEFL/TESOL teachers who require a practical teaching component to their certification but are unable to attend a training centre in person due to time or geographical constraints.

The OTP course is completed entirely via distance learning without the need for any specialist equipment. Students will complete a number of study tasks and then proceed to plan, teach and record a series of lessons. These lessons and other course work are then submitted online for evaluation by our course trainers. The additional benefit of this method of obtaining OTP is the set of transferable skills you earn on the way such as video recording, video conferencing (Skype) and portfolio construction.

30-Hour Course & 50-Hour Course

If you have an online TEFL/TESOL certificate that includes at least 100 hours of study and a grammar component, either from ITTT or another institution, then you are eligible for our online OTP course. There are two options available, the 30-hour option with 6 hours of OTP and the 50 hour option with 12 hours of OTP. Both options, when combined with an online TEFL/TESOL certificate, provide full certification for most teaching jobs worldwide.

How OTP Courses Work

You will have six months to work through the course and on successful completion not only will you have earned an OTP certificate, but you will have also built up a portfolio of your work throughout the course. This portfolio will serve as evidence of your skills and abilities in the classroom and will be useful for future job applications.

The 3 Phases of an OTP Course

The course is made up of three phases or elements. In the first phase students will develop an understanding of lesson planning, feedback techniques, self evaluation and using video as a training tool. The second phase is where participants demonstrate their abilities in the classroom with a series of actual lessons. The third and final phase involves preparation for a series of interview-style questions on the content of the course and a Skype interview.

  1. The first phase develops an awareness of and practice in the uses of lesson planning, feedback techniques, self evaluation and video as a training tool.
  2. In the second phase participants demonstrate through the actual teaching of real ELLs (English Language Learners) their skills and abilities as teachers over a range of student levels and topics.
  3. The final phase is where participants prepare for a series of interview-style questions on the topics covered throughout the course and a Skype interview is conducted.

At just $249 for the 30-hour course and $399 for the 50-hour course, the OTP course offers a great value solution to those needing a practical teaching certificate.