Teach English in Liujiazi Zhen - Chaoyang Shi

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In summary, unit 7 describes the receptive skills and the importance of it in order to have a balanced approach to provide an 'integrated' skill lesson in a classroom. There are 2 receptive skills; reading and listening and there are 2 productive skills; speaking and writing. Reasons for reading and listening would be for a purpose and for entertainment. There are several specialist skills that needed to be understood in the context and they are: predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information and deduction from context. Also there are several problems based on receptive skills and they would be the language contained in the text or the topic used or the tasks the students will perform. In addition to that, pre-teaching vocabulary is necessary for the students to understand more about the context as well as that teachers should be able to carefully select he texts to make students understand the purpose of the reading and listening class. Finally, teachers should be capable of creating interest by engaging students for discussions, showing them pictures using comprehension tasks and sometimes use activities like jigsaw reading, jumbled texts to improve the participation skills of the students and to improve their abilities of understanding the language clearly.