Teach English in LingguAn Zhen - Chenzhou Shi

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Today, the importance of English to take part in business has become indisputable. We all use English in certain parts of our work. How much efficiency can we use? And why is learning English so important? First of all, having a good command of English enables us to communicate in a globalizing world. From a slightly wider window, communication is one of the most fundamental employment skills of the 21st century. Demonstrating this skill is critical to exist and rise in business life. At a global level, most of the managers say that communication shortages lead to serious business errors. The working conditions of a machine, the details of the technical specification or the project's flow plan of English skills come to the forefront in order to understand all these to establish the necessary communication and reach the conclusion. The above information increases the pressure on learning English. However, only few of employees whose native language is not English say that their current level of English is sufficient for the workplace. Increasing the number of employees speaking English sufficiently will increase the self-confidence and commitment of the employees. After all, English is extremely important not only for business but also for the flow of everyday life. Another skill that stands out as much as communicating is being able to work in teams. In a world where jobs and relationships are becoming increasingly complex, it is necessary to establish very good team games to find solutions to business problems. The harmony within the team also supports innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. In order to do all this, it is essential to know and use English well. International projects, start-ups, preparations for investor meetings, etc. English became a prerequisite for an active role in the activities. The issues mentioned so far show that good use of English in the workplace reinforces skills such as communication and team acting while relieving the pressure on employees of not knowing English. Therefore, the productivity of the employees increases and their added value to the company increases. Increased English language skills and increased product and service quality increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have come to the business world's key words: efficiency and customer satisfaction. From this perspective, using English effectively helps employees become sought-after people and reinforces their employability. So we can get to the next step, the promotion point. Most of the employees stated that their English language skills played an important role in their promotion. It is once again revealed how valuable English is in order to be permanent in business and to rise. How will language learning take place while struggling with the challenges of business life? This is another very important question. When we look at the trends in the world, we see that three basic elements stand out: 1. The personalization of language learning. 2. Regularly updated content and usability in daily life. 3. Micro learning. These elements are required to be provided together in digital and online learning platforms. Therefore, the learning journey must be personal, fast and mobile. In this context, the learning tools to be selected must provide rich and personalized content and make the learning experience “unforgettable.