Teach English in Fengshuigou Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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We have all been students during our lives and have had to deal with many teachers. Only a few of them, however, have left their mark on our lives because of how they have distinguished themselves through their teaching skills. Every good English teacher should be a person who can maintain the students' attention by encouraging them through patience, respect, and trust to study and improve themselves. Even if some students are not gifted with an excellent language-learning ability, they try hard to succeed, and their determination to improve their learning skills is admirable. Our achievements in life are strictly connected to our inner growth and well-being. Good teachers set teaching goals and plan how to achieve them. Proper planning takes a lot of time and work, but it turns learning into a challenge and an exciting activity for learners. Apart from carrying out a course plan, a teacher has to be respectful and considerate of the learners' emotional needs. Students cannot learn effectively if they are feeling uncomfortable or worried, so the teacher has to ease the learning process even by taking into consideration the emotional aspects that might be involved in it. Teachers develop their relationship with the students through successful communication techniques, utilization of effective methods to build an excellent rapport with learners. As strictly related to the purpose of the educational process, a teacher has to build a positive relationship with her or his students, based on respect and trust. Thereby, the teacher must always bear in mind that the first needs to be met by the learners are their relational needs, so she or he should try to implement some measure that will allow them to build a positive and constructive relationship with her or his class, based on trust and mutual respect. Being a good English teacher depends not only on which teaching methods teachers choose, but also on what their relationship with their students is like, how they treat them and what they think about the individual students in their class. As students progress through their different life stages, they change the way they learn and deal with difficulties. Good English teachers, therefore, need to know when they have to change their role according to the activity and situation, to better involve and engage the learners. They should do their best to try to stimulate positive, trustworthy relationships to promote healthy social cohesion, making the school an environment of sharing and active participation. The motivation to learn doesn't come from nothing. A student's state of mind won't remain positive if teachers don't entirely put themselves into the effort. If students do not have the right motivation, the quality of learning will suffer. A classroom full of motivated and excited students will always be more natural to manage and teach. For this reason, the teacher must take an active interest in his or her subject. In this sense, a teacher will have to transform the information to be taught into a creative and stimulating activity to improve the educational quality of her or his lessons. A teacher has to be approachable, and someone learners can talk to and share their thoughts with. Students are people first; they bring to the classroom their personalities, their passions, their fears and their hopes. Showing genuine interest in their lives helps build up stronger and healthier relationships that both teachers and learners will benefit from. A human being's learning process never stops, and this is no less true for teachers. There will always be new knowledge to acquire and modern techniques to experiment within the classroom that will help us, as teaching professionals, to continue to improve and challenge ourselves. Attending teaching courses, observing other colleagues when teaching, asking for students' and colleagues' feedback—in other words, always being humble and curious are excellent ways to further develop oneself and one's abilities. The teacher is a central figure in the development of a young learner's education and growth as a person. A bad or mediocre teacher could prevent students from developing to their full potential. On the other hand, if we want quality teachers, we also need quality training. Indeed the attitude is essential, but so is the knowledge and skills required, so investing in education is among the best choices we can make for the future of our society. To be a good teacher, one must be able to have good students. The process of being good teachers comes out as a result of raising successful students.