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As a matter of fact, the past 50 years have seen a considerably increasing demand in English learning globally. It seems that more and more non-native English speakers pay attention on their language studying and look for the most effective way to get improvement in language learning. Thus, there is a valid problem for these English learners – is the grammar important or not in their English learning? In my view, grammar is vital, no matter how much the language rules alter, as it is important for us to communicate and understand what we want to express. In this essay, I will focus on the importance of grammar and why it is such indispensable for people to learn grammar in their English learning. First of all, English grammar is important to build up sentences and to tell what kind of words used in any specific sentence. It can be imagined that people would be unable to speak any full sentences and, therefore, to express themselves without grammar even though they can remember millions of English vocabularies. Therefore, it is obvious that grammar, as a type of language function, is the indispensable bridge to build up each English word and make sentences understandable. Grammar is a method for us to make up vocabularies, clauses and phrases into meaningful and effective communication. Second of all, learning grammar can make language studying easier for students, especially for these English learning beginners. Correct grammar is a very valuable tool for students to understand language more clearly and also, it provides student with a kind of template to imitate original sentences and make their own sentences. Take one of my experience as an example, once a time, I encourage student to use “Do you want to go shopping?” as the template to practice more questions about what you want or what you want to do in the class. Eventually, students could know how to ask Do- question and could speak more examples like “Do you want to go gym?”, “Do you want to go to the park?”, or “Do you want to go home” and so on. Thus, it can be noticed that if students can understand the grammar structure of a sentence and then they can use it to make many sentences for communication. In reality, the usage of grammar matters. Furthermore, for mature English speakers, the style of grammar they use can show their own particular personal style when they communicate with others. There is no doubt that people can show their own charming personality if they speak humorous languages. Actually, the advanced knowledge about English grammar implies that this person has the ability to make witty, clever and interesting language to make conversation. And obviously, it has the more possibilities for other people to have interest to talk with such person. Meanwhile, it can mean that you could have your own unique style different from others. To sum up, grammar plays an important role in English learning, in fact, in any language learning since it is not only the basic function to build up sentences and make students feel more comfortable to study a total new language, but it is also an implication to show people’s personalities.