Teach English in Heilihe Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Nowadays, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. There are a lot of benifits of learning English in very aspect of life. Therefore , it is not surprise that the parents want their students to learn English proficiently. Besides sending their kids to an institute to master English officially, the parents will support their children at home. There are three effective ways that parents can help their children to learn English such as : learn English themselves, encourage reading in English and play in English. Firstly , one of the effective ways for parents to help their children is learning English themselves. When parents are able to use English at home, the children will have more oppotunities to practice speaking and listening English. Actually , learning English will spends a lot of time and need to learn regularly. After learning at school or English center , students had better review all knowledege at home .Parents and children practicing new skills together can be a great motivator. Moreover , parents who are fluent in English can demonstrate the importance of learning by focus on an area of improvements. It is the reason why parents attempt to learn English themselves to create the good environment practicing English everyday once their children learn English as the second language . Secondly, encourage reading in English is other good ways that parents can use it to help their children to learn English at home . In fact ,reading is an invaluable skill that only improves with practice . Parents can help by providing access to books and reading aloud to their children .It can improve their vocabulary ,teach them the meaning of context and also help them understand grammar in the best possible way. Actually, parents can buy them good books in English . Especially ones that they have interesting potlines as this will keep them invest and encourage them to continue. If reading regularly, they will improve their overall reading fluency. This is due to encourage the children to read in English. Lastly , play in English is the important method that parents can apply for their children. It is a given that children will naturally learn everythingg around them without any requiring adult intervention . In addition, the effective method that is not taugh in the classroom enviroment . Especially, parents can play games in English with their children , they are not under pressure so they will get a lot of information more effectively. With children , they need comfortable invironment to play freely . There are many games that parents can use it to play with their children such as : play hide and –seek , snakes and ladders and even dress up games ... It will make learning fun so children can get knowledge . It seems the best ways for children to learn English. In conclusion , The key is to remember that pressurizing is not going to get the results you want; English is not easy to master and it is going to take time. But, as long as parents are supportive and consistent, children will be able to learn the language gradually. In short , parent can apply three ways above to help the students to learn English effectively. Parents of ESL students can be the key to a child’s success.