Teach English in Hongmiaozi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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There are many different learning language tools available nowadays, therefore it is important to select the appropriate one to use in the classroom and match our academic preferences. Personally, I believe that it is extremely beneficial to use new technology in instructional settings. I feel this way for the reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, classes that incorporate new technology might be richer in content and more participative. Our long term success depends on our ability to influence others to accept our ideas and proposals, so it is critically important to seize opportunities to grasp the maximum information that covers different topics. If we do not acquire knowledge in this period, probably we will never get another opportunity, especial when we will be overloaded by difficult tasks in the workplace. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. About fifteen years ago, I took a course in mechanics. At that time I had already taken other classes at university, but still, I had difficulties to cope with many mechanical processes and components. However, after a short period of using computers and animated videos to illustrate the complicated system in that class, I came out of my shell and became very competent in dealing with such technical issues. As a result, when I started my first job after my graduation I was excellent in doing the work perfectly within a short period of experience that allowed me to be a leader in my company. I have been outstanding at my enterprise and I owe it all to that enjoyable class using new technology. Secondly, using new technology in schools promote interactivity and collaboration within students which crucial skills to help learners to build strong connection among classmates, thus these can contribute to overcoming learners many interpersonal problems in the workplace. When we frequently exchange with our colleagues we may be closer to them and know well their personality. Consequently, and befriends this facilitate the learning process as they may prepare the course outside the classroom, for instance, using their Smartphone by exchanging ideas through the internet or making chat on social media. In contrast teaching without new technology students usually sit and listen passively to the teacher’s speech without any interactions, they are unlikely to interchange their basic personal information such names and where they live. For instance, the teacher can present a video to the class and asks them to discuss in pairs or in a group the topic of the video and ask them to make a summary or just let them predict what could happen in the next episodes. In fact, one of the main benefits of the video is to bring the real world into the classroom so students, for instance, can be exposed to different types of language. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that it is a powerful technique to introduce new technology to the classroom. Students improve their skills effectively. This is because technology facilitates the learning process for both students and learners in motivated and enjoyable environments’, and because students progress faster and develop their social competence.