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Why parents role is important in children's Education ? Parent’s role in children’s education is vital and non-negotiable.Parents are considered as child’s first & continuing mentors as parental encouragement is key in children successful educational journey since it boosts children's confidence and helps them to excel. Parent’s literary skills and awareness:- Parental own literacy skills and education awareness plays an important role as it helps them to understand their own role in influencing their child's development. Parent’s encouragement boosts children’s school readiness and helps children to adapt the school environment with ease. Educated parents (especially mothers) can raise a children with the greater cognitive & language skills which positively influence their children's academic achievement and general attitude about life. Providing congenial atmosphere at home:- Parents should ensure that kids are given an apt environment at home for studies. Family issues should not be discussed in front of kids as such things put unnecessary stress on children’s innocent mind. Parents should make time in order to support kids in their studies and assignments. Active participation by parents:- Parent’s active involvement, moral support and engagement can do wonders in developing right attitude in a child. Since most of the schools are following Project Based Learning which gives parents an opportunity to participate with children actively. Parent’s involvement in Project Based Learning gives them support and confidence. When parents take interest in daily home work and learning assignments it automatically encourage children to pay required attention in studies. Parent’s active participation is a crucial link in the child's development. Learning outside text books :- Reading material which is outside the school curriculum helps children to think out of the box and nurture their creativity. Visiting any books store or public library with children invokes their interest in variety of subjects. It also helps to improve children’s vocabulary and creativity. Parent’s small habit like reading a bed time story to child goes a long way. Making learning fun excites children; they learn enthusiastically when learning is not in a classroom set up. Parents can also use many game based leanings which can be used during other activities like walking, exercising and travelling etc. Parent and teacher interactions:- Understanding how child is performing in school is really important for a parent hence having a good relation with children’s teaches is very crucial. Parents should attend the parent -teacher meetings and try to understand the areas of improvement in children. Sometimes child show interest in a particular subject and starts ignoring the others or child may have some other rough edges which need parents support , in such situations parent teachers interactions can give workable actions . Parent's support during exams:- Exam or tests can be stressful time for many students it can cause some level of anxiety in child. It’s important for parents to understand and isolate the cause of stress and educate children on how to manage stress and stay relaxed. Parents can help child to create a timetable which can keep child more relaxed during exam time. Parents should also ensure that child is getting nutritious food and adequate rest.