Teach English in Nailinguoshu Nongchang - Chifeng Shi

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Being a teacher means educating others, but there is so much more to being a teacher than just helping others learn. Being a teacher means being a counselor, being a friend, being a disciplinary and, of course, being a teacher. Education is a never-ending process and there are many ways to stay updated on new teachings and keep your learning up to date for the benefit of yourself, as a teacher, and as well as for your students. The term professional development can be used in reference to many different varieties of formal education, specialized training, or advanced professional learning intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators to improve their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness for in the classroom. Having teachers go through professional development is not just to keep them updated but it is to better help them with planning their time, being organized and ultimately makes teachers more efficient. The training gives teachers more time to focus on their students rather than the paperwork. There are many different things and skills that teachers learn from career development. They can discover new ways to teach that may be better for them and their students which they can then implement into their classrooms and lecture styles to better suit the needs of their students. Teachers can also learn better organization and planning skills, as previously mentioned, this will give the teachers more time to focus on the students when they become better with time management. Teachers can also learn more about the subjects they are teaching. It is important to stay updated and learn new things so that you can always keep the interest of the students and figure out new ways to engage them. Using these professional development courses to your advantage as a teacher is key to becoming the best teacher you can be. Using ineffective and outdated teaching methods can be boring and not hold the interest of the students so it is important to learn new ways to improve your curriculum as well as your teaching methods. In learning new methods of teaching it is also important to stay up to date on the latest technology being used in classrooms and new technology that you can introduce to your students. We are living in a technology age and students and children are more involved with technology so I do believe that staying current on this will improve your teaching as well as keep your students engaged. The best teachers are constantly pushing themselves to learn and no matter what way they choose to do this it is always a good idea. Professional development doesn’t just occur through a classroom or a course it occurs in everyday life, through all of our interactions and it ensures that teachers remain effective and motivated because teachers learn to help students learn and achieve at their highest level. Educators who find joy and passion in their own professional development inspire students to find the joy in education as well as their passion in life and whichever career they may choose to pursue.