Teach English in Niugutu Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I finished high school. I think it is the occupation I’ve born for just because of the way it makes me feel, from teaching how to dive into the swimming pool while I was a lifeguard to teach the days of the week in Spanish to a lovely Irish kids group in Dublin. Till now I haven’t known any more rewarding feeling. Starting from the beginning, my firsts “official” teaching experiences were during my teaching degree at three different schools. The first one was with a group of twenty kids of 11 years old kids for three months, I had to offer them support with maths and Spanish individually and teach them some of the lessons as a group. The second one was as the music teacher with all the groups of the school (from 6 to 12 years old) twice a week for five months and it was amazing to know every kid of the school and could tell the social and evolution differences between them. Finally, the third one, the one that gave me the degree, was for six months and as the physical education teacher on practice, from this one I just can say that taught me almost more than the college; it is amazing how we start to grow with the experience, since this one I changed my point of view of teaching, especially kids, before it I thought I was going to teach them knowledge and physical skills as PE teacher, but after I realized that working with this ages the most important thing is helping them to grow with positive values and good social behavior, the teacher must support them and show them the way. After this episode, I decided to work in childcare where I learned another different stage of the kid’s evolution and development. I have worked here with kids from 2 to 5 years old, I had to feed them, plan the activities and the topics of the weeks and talk every day with their families telling them everything their kid did during the day, accident reports they had or the materials we will need for the future activities. This job showed me aspects about myself I ignored like that when I am teaching I don’t like to share my lesson or class with anybody, I feel it is too hard to agree with coworkers about the education a kid should have; in general, people don’t care enough or don’t realize how important is our effect on every kid and the responsibility we have once we start working with them. What I know now for sure is that during our life as teachers we have to think about our lessons to join the kid during their learning showing them a way of joy and happiness in order to increase their language, social and mental skills. If we get that, we would have achieved the 80% of their progress due to the fact that from there they will learn quicker and easier any content we teach them. With this I assume that a teacher is much more than a person who gives information and evaluates its learning, my action could be transcendental if I work for it, and that is exactly what I know I will do, try my best for the best cause.