Teach English in NiujiAyingzi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Teaching English as a foreign language for a classroom of younger students such as Kindergartners can be both fun and rewarding. Seeing your students eyes light up as they finally understand new concepts can be incredibly exciting. It is always fun to be able to help others learn and understand new things. It can be especially fun for young learners because they are naturally curious and excited to explore. Younger students have a tendency to pick things up with incredible speed that is amazing to watch as a teacher. However, you have to understand that young minds also have a tendency to get easily distracted and bored. If you aren't prepared for this to happen it can be quite a challenge keeping your students focused, entertained, and excited to learn! The good news is that there are several very simple steps you can take to ensure that your younger students don't get bored in the classroom. Following these simple steps will not only help your students to stay focused but it will make teaching even more fun for you as the teacher as well. Nobody wants to learn in a boring, drab classroom. If you can, try to lighten up the classroom a bit! Some good ways to go about doing this would be brightly colored posters, photographs, drawings, and lots of colors! You could even involve learning with this. For example, with each passing season you can change your classroom up a bit. You could use this opportunity to teach your students things like colors, shapes, and so much more. Have them draw or color things to match your lesson and label everything in English. Then you can have a discussion about the different things they like to do in those seasons. Another way you can catch your students attention is with video or audio to add along with your lessons. Maybe you can show them different videos about the seasons? Or play some songs to help catch their interest? You can go over the things you have seen in the video or heard in the songs with the classroom. Perhaps some of the things will be familiar to them. Seeing and hearing things they are already accustomed to brings the subject to life in their world as well! Or, if your school allows it perhaps you can take the classroom outside? It could be a fun way to draw in lessons to your students lives if they are in the middle of things they are familiar with. You can discuss colors and sounds out in the real world as they are happening. Teaching English as a foreign language for a classroom of younger students such as Kindergartners might sound frightening but it doesn't have to be. Just remember. They might not be there because they chose to be but that doesn't mean that you can't make it an engaging, fun, and enlightening experience for both you and your students. There are many ways you can help brighten the classroom and your lessons to help your students learn and you to teach.