Teach English in SAnzuodian Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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The question of does one really need a TEFL certification to teach English abroad has been a hot topic especially as of late with more and more young adults choosing to skip college in pursuit of travel another life experiences, wether it’s a gap year or the decision to ditch college altogether. Other than that there is also a growing desire amongst young adults today to live a nomadic. With that being said I believe there has been an influx of those searching to teach English abroad as a means to travel and experience foreign countries without having to live off of savings. So for those reason I chose the topic of “Why complete a TEFL course?”. I feel strongly that it is important to receive a TEFL because without this information I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone would be able to produce quality lessons for students to actually learn. In my travels I have seen so many different schools letting anyone come in for any amount of time and the students aren’t really learning the materials, it seemed to me that they were repeating the same basic few words over and over just simply being guided by whatever tourist happened to be leading the class that day. I felt as thought it was more of a ploy for tourists to feel they are making an impact in the area but in reality it is doing nothing for the students. Possibly it is due to ignorance, maybe some people are more concerned abut getting a ‘selfie’ in the class room to boost their ego than to actually put in the work and make an impact on ESL students lives. The quality of education in many countries in need of ESL teachers can already be quite poor and then adding inexperienced tourists in classrooms to do a job that in western society people go to university for 4+ years to do, is immoral and wrong, in my opinion. 
I feel that it is an injustice to students to just throw anyone in a class room to essentially ‘wing it’. If students are making the effort to come in everyday to learn English, their parents paying for uniforms, etc., the very least we can do is to take the time to do an TEFL course. Without having done this course I know that I would not have been able to produce a quality lesson plan, troubleshoot issues in the classroom, identify the English levels of the different students and so much more. Completing a TEFL course gives you more than just a piece of paper, more than better job opportunities, but the knowledge and ability to actually preform the job. I believe that it is imperative to do a TEFL course before teaching a class at any level, even for the very young students. Everyone deserves the right to a proper education and although we can’t control that for the world we can for the class that we wish to lead. To summarize my final opinion on the question “Why complete a TEFL course?”, Everyone who wishes to teach English abroad should complete a TEFL course because without it I believe it is not possible to give students a proper education. Although I believe a TEFL course is just part of it, the teacher needs to be passionate, kind and have the desire to make a change. I feel that there are many qualities that make a teacher great, starting with a foundation of kindness and ending with the proper education to do so.