Teach English in ShangguAndi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Nowadays, English is becoming the international language in the world. People use english for many different reasons such as: communication, international trade, cooperation or establishing the relationship among other countries in the world. Therefore, it is undeniable that english plays an very important role in all aspects. The demand of young people including the children about studying english is increasing in recently. However, how to master english well needs more than only speaking skills. And there is another aspect that i like to share is learning grammar in english? How can learners understand the grammatical points are so important now for learners. Firstly, I can say that Grammar plays an important role in English. The better the learners master the rules in English, the more effective they use it. In detail, let’s compare between a student with good english grammar and a student who is worse at grammar, it is totally different from the way they speak. If the students with good grammar present or talk with native speakers, they can be more confident to talk than a student who does not master Grammar. As a result, this can create a big gap between both of them. Thus, this proves that English can help students more confident in communication. Secondly, the other advantage of using English right is helping learners have basic foundation of English grammar. Let’s say in daily conversations, we can easily find put the mistakes when a students uses it wrong. If the learners continue studying this way, they find it hard to follow or study further. Then, they misunderstand all the rules in english grammar. I myself is an example of this problem. When i was in sixth grade, I found english so annoying because of too much complex structures. I got lazy day by day and hated learning English. However, when I have a lucky chance to study with Ms. Phuong- my former teacher, a really devoted teacher. She gently taught me to follow many basic formulas. Day by day, I become interested in learning English. And now, I can say that I love english because it not only brings mer knowledge, but it also develops my career as a teacher now. In short, I think by mastering the right english grammar, students can have basic knowledge of english and feel excited about it. Thirdly, grammar makes using english correctly and fluently. I myself find that in case of a trainer. If the trainer masters english well, it is more easier to apply on the lesson. Also, there will be some tips so that the teachers can teach students, supporting them find grammar not as difficult as they think. It is obvious that english grammar helps much more in developing other skills, especially speaking, writing and listening. Then, if the teacher are aware of the importance of it, they can apply grammar in their lesson appropriately. Finally, Grammar helps learners write better. It is clear that writing is the core part to evaluate English of a student accurately. Every mistake in using grammar can be described in writing. This helps to categorize what level of english of the learner is. Thus, an any formal examination internationally, writing is always the main subjects to mark the students. For examples, TOFEL, IELTS or TOEIC and so on... Then, it is undeniable that grammar has an important effect on learning and improving english. How good a student gets on his or her essay cam neva correct evident to evaluate his level of English. In conclusion, grammar plays a very essential role in learning English. Grammar helps learners use english effectively and fluently. If learners use correct grammar, they will get good skills of writing, speaking and reading as well. Moreover, the more they practice, the better fluency they get. This will lead to master and use english naturally. However, every learner can have their own way of understanding and utilize grammar points appropriately. And depending on the purposes of applying the english, the students will know how they should focus on the deeper grammar or not. About the trainers, it is also a good skill for them to transfer the english rules for their students because once they master the grammar, they would know how to teach students more effectively.