Teach English in SidaowAnzi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Everybody agrees that motivation or encouraging students in English language learning process is one of the most important tasks of a teacher and best teachers do more then teach. Motivation involves goals and requires activity. There is more than one strategy to do it, rather a strategy set that work together to develop and maintain motivation. Family environment, parent’s education, students’ financial situation, classroom atmosphere, the self-esteem and self-recognition of student, peer pressure, teacher’s income and teacher’s work can all contribute on students’ achievements. Living in an social media era with so many possible technologies, teachers struggle constantly how to keep their students’ attention in the classroom. Teachers must give their best in finding the best methods using a variety of activities along visual aids, Internet, video projector, music, things that make students more engaged and more excited to participate, knowing that the more students participate, the more they learn. An enthusiastic, motivated, caring teacher will offer a supportive environment where students can learn English language with enjoyment and continuous effort. From the very first minute of the class, students need to have the possibility of thinking as having success, leaving the classroom with a sense of feeling of accomplishing something. A good teacher builds realistic goals for the students which give them something to aim it, motivates them and celebrate the achievements when students met the goals. For some students, communicating goals is all they need to keep them going. When a person like a young child, adult or business person is trying to learn a foreign language or is studying overseas, dipping in English can become overwhelming. The most important strategy for students’ motivation is using positive comments. Each big or small occasion need to be celebrated with success. There are many ways of saying „Good job”, by using verbally positive comments or writing positive comments like: „Perfect!”, „Wonderful!”, „Superb!”, „Terrific!”, „Gorgeous!”, „Hurray for you!”, „Excellent!”, „Wow,!”,”Good for you!”, „I am so proud of you!”, „Way to go!”, „You are getting better!”, „That’s coming along very well!”, „I can tell you’ve been practicing!”. Making daily positive remarks is more than just praising students, it is pointing out when they achieve things they don t even notice as progress. A praise in front of all colleagues, it can filled their hearts with an valuable, accomplishing feeling. It is enjoyable for the students to see their progress, their best letters marked with a smile, star or a heart. This lets them know that you have seen their good work and increase their confidence. Using exclamation points is more appropriate after praise. Praising students publicly or privately, both verbally and in writing is the most effective way to lift their spirits and keep them working hard. Another strategy of encouragement is offering students stickers or free rewards, specially to young children who wants to learn English language. The relationship between students and teachers is very important in the learning process. It is the teacher’s job to show clearly to his students that he cares, appreciates them as individual and as a group members, to show respect, to abstain from moralizing, judging or raising his voice. Teachers need to be able to listen to students, find out their interests, have eye contact, identify their strengths and weaknesses, talking encouragingly. One of the methods of working with students is pair work or group work. The teacher needs to teach students to listen to his colleagues, be kind one another, not interrupting while speaking or not judging someone or not ridicule others. The others students in the classroom play a role in motivating each of the students. It is the teacher’s job to create effective groupings and assignment teams so students will be motivated and understand the need of their partner for a successful end of the assignment. Another technique for students to be encouraged to learn English is to be connected with native speakers of English language, either in person or through social media. They will be more motivated for learning to speak English language. Other way that also can be stimulating , motivating for students is an assessment. Assessment should be used to show what the students know or gain. Teachers should know that assessment must be understandable, fair, motivating. Many ESL teachers can fall into over correcting and failing to point out success in students. When it comes about correcting mistakes, this also should be done in a positive way before pointing out areas that need improvement, without affecting their motivation. The working methods, different activities, the attractiveness of classes will also contribute to students’ motivation. An essential factor in school achievements is the connection between teachers and parents. Teachers and parents should cooperate and try to be an authority for the student in the learning process, helping him to define life goals and offering clear motivations for achieving it. Learning process should be explained by parents and teacher aș an opportunity for development and a future career in adult life. Sometimes when students see their present efforts paying off in the future, they will work harder in their English education. Motivation leads to performance. The more highly motivated student, the more highly performance of student.