Teach English in Tongbu Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Nowadays, many teachers consider that they will get a successful career in teaching Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL certification. I do agree with that idea, so I registered a TESOL course. After completing this course, I have learned a lot of things that are good for my teaching career. First of all, I have known ways to manage a class effectively. I strongly believe that management is one of the most important skills for a successful class. The teachers could use the methods of connection, organization, and management in order to maintain an atmosphere’s class both serious and exciting. From my personal experience, I would say that the teacher should improve managing skills. I have still remembered that day when I started my first lesson. Because of lacking management skills, I couldn’t connect with students or organize anything. I stood there for twenty minutes and looked at my students confusedly. At that time, I wished my lesson finished immediately. Then luckily, my colleague who was an ex-teacher of my students helped me. Secondly, I have learned how to use and choose the materials most effectively. In my opinion, the skill of selecting materials is more and more important for teachers. Because nowadays, the internet is developing, so it is too easy for teachers to search for a number of courses books and materials. They can access to official websites of countries where English is spoken as a native language such as CNN, BBC, the guardian, the economic…. In addition, the teachers also have an opportunity to find course books from an on-line library of Cambridge or Harvard. Therefore, they can take advantages to develop their careers. However, if teachers do not have enough knowledge and awareness when selecting materials in order to apply for teaching and learning, they will get big trouble. For example, students are at the beginner level, but their teacher chooses materials with level B1 to teach. Consequently, the students will not able to understand the lesson and be distracted. Finally, one of the best things which I have learned from the TESOL course is a lesson planning skill. I’m absolutely certain that if the teachers have good lesson planning skills, they will have successful classes and be more professional in their teaching career. Because, lesson planning is an extremely important preparation step which allows teachers to follow their lessons, create a lesson logically, evaluate and test their lesson. As an illustration, I am going to plan a 45- minute lesson with Straight Row ESA lesson. The topic is HOLIDAY. In the Engage step, I am going to tell the class about my tour during summer vacation and ask the whole class questions such as ‘When do you travel?’ ‘What are you going to do on vacation?’ and ‘Who are you going to spend your vacation?’ After I am going to Study step by writing a number of vocabulary about holiday with some activities in summer or new year holiday… on board. Besides, I am going to write some structures and suitable tenses in citing a story. That can support my students to discuss in the next step. In the Active step, I am going to divide the whole class into small groups with 3-4 members. And I am going to give each group a different picture of vacations and ask them to discuss all the information about that holiday such as time, activities or special things. Then they are going to make a presentation in front of the class. At the end of class time, I am going to evaluate something and finish the lesson. In conclusion, the TESOL course is extremely useful for both experienced and inexperienced teachers. It can be a necessary and sufficient condition for a teacher who desires to teach in an international atmosphere, to get a domestic career or to be professional. In my experience, I have learned the best things in the TESOL course and have changed my mind.