Teach English in Wufendi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Circumstances surrounding a person’s journey differs for everyone. I reflect over mine as I write this motivational summation of the English course. I come from humble beginnings. Born in a small town, I lived in poverty and segregation whilst struggling under an oppressive Apartheid ruling. After finishing my Secondary Education, I was blessed to find work in Geographic Information Systems Consulting Company. However, this was short lived as the company closed and I had to relocate within South Africa where I was employed for my Auto CAD and Graphics Design skills. It was in the second week of my employment at Siemens that I met my Austrian husband to be. He was on a three-year delegation in South Africa and before his departure back home, we married. A couple of months later I joined my husband in Germany where we lived and worked. I was only able to secure my position as a Software Electrical Engineer at Siemens Germany due to the courses I took but more especially because I was an English Native Speaker. This meant that I could handle all International projects and carry out presentations in English. Clearly English is an asset to have as it allowed me to travel extensively around the world carrying out training sessions. Ten years later I was eligible for German citizenship which I acquired, thereby giving me access to live and work anywhere in Europe. Sadly, my husband passed away in 2017 and I followed through on the plans we had made to relocate to Austria with the kids when they became school ready. The decision to stop working for Siemens was not an easy one but I followed through as it was becoming increasingly difficult to juggle the responsibilities of being a single mother as well as the demands of a corporate environment that required one to travel often. Leaving Germany and all that I was accustomed to, was no easy feat. But after a year here, I have fallen in love with Austria. Shortly after enrolling my girls in daycare and school, I soon realized that English is something that the Austrians push from a young age. Parents sign their kids up for English courses whilst still in kindergarten. The schooling system also stresses the importance of English being taught from the first grade. I was also approached by my child ‘s day care to teach English as they were impressed that both my kids are fluent in English. Being with my children is a rewarding and something that I can’t give up now but that does not bring in an income. So, I pondered the options of what job would allow me to generate an income with the flexibility of arranging my own work schedule. There were a multitude of online English Tutor jobs that I was investigating which encouraged my google search to get certified to teach. The decision to sign up for the Master Course was an easy one. My plans are to start tutoring online. Later when my kids are older and more self-sufficient then I will take on a job where my physical presence is needed. The availability of jobs in a Daycare or a business are numerous. I believe I come with enough experience to do both as I have kids and have worked for a substantial amount of time in the corporate world. I look forward to a new chapter in my life where I can employ English to be gainfully employed without the stress associated with a typical nine to five job. Usually one takes on the decision to teach English with the hopes of living abroad but in my case the reverse is true. I ended up living and working abroad first and then decided English would serve me well.