Teach English in Xiaochengzi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Games are always a fun thing to do, does not matter if you are a child or adult a women or a men; when someone proposes a game everybody is always up for it. Group games get people together, they are ice breakers and they always create fun good times, this does not only happens in everyday life, it also happens in a classroom with students. Games in a classroom are a really good and fun way to learn things, a way for students to interact with each other, feel more comfortable and relaxed as well as a way for teachers to observed, analyze the students’ strength and weaknesses and interact with the students in a more relaxed way. There are many different games that can be used to learn, some are games that already exist like hangman, charade, role play, creating sentences with words that are on pieces of paper or you can make your own game like a spelling contest that makes the opponent think and spell a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word or if your class is of young children a game where they get their hands dirty like painting while you learn the colours or painting fruits while talking about the taste, the colour, the texture of them. The games that are chosen to play in the class have to be adequate to the level of English the class is in, it will not work if in a beginners class the game that you chose is role playing, for example about a doctor’s office appointment or a travel agency that has to book a flight a hotel room and the things that are involved in a trip, due to the fact that the language that need to be used will be new, too advanced and complicated for students that are starting to learn the new language. On the other hand, a thing that always have to be in the teachers mind is the background of the group of students that are being taught. Where they are from, why are they learning the language, they cultural and religious believes, their gender (if it is a only female or only male class) and their age group, so that the games that are used will not affect or make the students uncomfortable and instead of helping them learn new things or improve the material that it is already been taught it will inhibit them and can also make the learning experience not a pleasant one. In conclusion, games in a class are a really good and fun way to learn new material and improve the things that have already been learned. Games will make the students more comfortable and relaxed in the learning process due to the fact that, when playing the mind is not really thinking on not making a mistake it is focusing on the actual game; there is where the teacher has to be very attentive to “pick up” the mistakes so that they can be corrected at the end. Let’s start introducing more games in the teaching process to make sure the learning process is more calm, relaxed and fun.