Teach English in XiawA Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Teaching skill will not only help teacher be an effective but also a successful one. There are many teaching skills in classroom. Firstly, I need to refer to communicate skill which use when giving and receiving. A teaching has valuable communication skill put students at ease environment. When use communication skill teachers can use both verbal and non-verbal communications help students understand expect of them and facilitate build their confidence in learning. Body language, This is the most powerful communication skill that a teacher must progress. Good presentation skill include body language creates a long-lasting impression in mind is of the student. So the lecture will become more interactive and interesting for the student. A great communication of skill allows you to establish meaningful connections. It is all about meaningfully conveying what you intend to say so that people could understand your motive. Secondly, classroom management skills is the most powerful influence on students learning. It facilitates them to maintain an atmosphere that enhances learning. This is not knowledge that teachers convey to student create a place where student can learn. It clues routines rules consequences. The classroom management refer to issue of supervision referring facilitating, and academic discipline that is done by teacher, inside the classroom to make the learning environment more conductive Good classroom management means planning well and including both physical activity and dependent study to foster good habit of students. The classroom management is very important because it enables to create a conductive learning environment, at the same time it permits to avoid waste of time, and boosts the morale of the teacher. Thirdly, professional ability development which is one of teaching skills that are necessary for any teachers wanting to create a positive environment for learning. Profesional ability developments learning to earn or maintain professional credential : academic degree to formal coursework attending conference, and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching communicates of practice, lesson study reflective Professional Ability development help an educator to improve his teaching ability it also helps a teacher to understand the psychology of the student and to copy with it to improve the student performance in the class. Finally, Humor and creativeness in the lesson English. It usually has grammar, listening practice, speaking practice, so if teachers teach with slowly speech or fast speech it can make boring for students, Then the teacher needs to create atmosphere in class. The humor and creativeness is not only not boring, but also interesting and effect. The humor makes distant shorter and build good relationship between teacher and student. The Creativeness always help to interest lesson, fresh news, the learner fell highly enthusiastic Beside the teacher needs some quality: The teacher most need is the confidence to stand in class, to answer in a correctly and clearly any question of student Understanding: English teacher not only known language that they need to teach but also understand about trend, culture, and history of a country, it facilitates marginal knowledge for student. Teaching skills in the classroom is extremely vital. There are just four essentials that the teacher should have. It decides success of lesson. In other hand, it helps not only for students to understand, but also for teachers to enhance ability professional.