Teach English in Xinchengzi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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It’s a well-known fact, we live in a golden age of technology. Every day the use of computers increases in the whole world in many areas of life. Nowadays, almost every human being knows how to use it. It’s no wonder that they are becoming a bigger part of the English class. CALL or Computer Aids Language Learning is an approach to learning and teaching in which people use computers and everything connected with them. So in this essay let’s look at advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you have access to the Internet where teachers and students can find millions of podcasts, for example, BBC, videos on Youtube, blogs and social media. There you have the possibility to find authentic materials, local accents, native speakers, etc. Therefore, teachers don’t need to carry all the CDs to course books and CD players because they have everything on their computer. Moreover, another advantage is access to materials such as gap-filling, multiple choices or crossword exercises and even use programs to create your own. It’s also possible to find many examples of game activities or play online. Teachers don’t need to carry heavy dictionaries because you can install them on your computer or find a good one on the Internet. Additionally, emails can facilitate communication between teachers and learners. Tests also can be found online, downloaded or two and more combined in one. Another alternative is smartphones which can tape your videos and used as a tool for self-correction and correction of pronunciations. On the other hand, not every school can afford to buy computers, especially for everybody, because they are very expensive. Usually, only a teacher has one or no one at all. Technology can fail you and it depends on electricity so if the lights shut off there is no use of your computer. That's why you shouldn’t rely completely on it. Instead, you can plan some spare activities; print your worksheets in advance and download necessary audios on your phone. For some activities, the Internet is required so make sure that you have a stable connection or prepare extra oral exercises. Most of the time, teachers become lazy because everything is available in one click so it should be a mixture of resource book materials, maybe course books and some exercises from the Internet. There is a chance that students can become uncommunicative while working with technologies so it is extremely important for teachers to find a balance between computer studies and speaking activities in the class. In conclusion, I want to say that there are, of course, advantages and disadvantages of using CALL. Every teacher should use an approach that they are comfortable and confident with but we can’t deny that Computer Aids Language Learning develops very fast and soon will be used in many schools. I like to work with computers because it eases my life but I don’t completely rely on technology and try to mix my coursebook exercises with those that I found on the Internet. At my work we have computers only in the teacher's room where we can print necessary additional materials, in a classroom, there are only whiteboard and CD player but this is more than enough to hold a good lesson.