Teach English in Xizi Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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I have chosen this topic because it is close to my heart. Over the past 40 years of my work history l have been to courses held by the organizations in which l have worked for. For many years l have managed big businesses , dealt with different individuals and organizations this has given me a wealth of knowledge on how to approach people how to deal with problems that may arise , making spontaneous decisions , time management organizing and planning rosters, teaching staff and lower level management. How To Prepare ? l have always believed in my 5 P's theory. * Proper * Preparation * Prevents * Poor * Performance These 5 P's are just an example but it represents a lot of facts in our daily tasks in mostly anything we do. People in anything they want to do in life must make proper decisions have goals be organized and to make sure they believe in what their talking about. I think with this must knowledge and know how I've always wanted to pass on my knowledge to the next generation and hopefully make it easier for them to succeed in what they do. So as for classroom management if you as a teacher are willing to properly plan organize your lesson before hand you will mostly succeed in the classroom , you will gain the rapport from the students alike and this will make your job much easier and most of all fun for you and the students. Over the years of my work history l have managed to identify individuals needs what type of person they are and how I can communicate to them, as the saying goes "different strokes for different folks". I think the most important aspect of classroom management is firstly you must believe in what you are doing once you have this the rest will follow, you will be more comfortable in class when you try to teach your students. Secondly "lead By Example" a person will always follow your teaching if you are leading by example, never teach anything that you can't understand yourself. So with classroom management as a teacher you must be prepared to wear different hats make some spontaneous decisions and be good at time management identify students needs and weaknesses to help a better flow within your lesson. In the classroom environment its important to identify students strengths and weaknesses and if you can pair them up with a students who has a better knowledge of the language in doing so will help the fluency in your class and also the students will feel more relaxed. Always check your classroom setup what equipment you have so you can use in your lesson, make sure you have the knowhow to operate the equipment as well. It's important to also try to use gestures or movement of your body in a way to make students aware of your thoughts about the issue in hand. l find that when people are interacting with one and other they tend to listen better and absorb the information given so as a teacher its important that you try to talk less and let students talk more because this also motivates them and they will be more relaxed in the classroom environment knowing they are contributing not just for there own benefit but for there class mates as well. I have always believe that with discipline it must be in the most discreet and polite way, never leave a disciplinary action to late and always act professionally towards your students as to not demotivate them . ,