Teach English in Zhirui Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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The teaching profession comes with responsibilities and perks however, to be a teacher requires more than sole textbook knowledge like degrees or certifications. I hold the belief that a good teacher is one that takes into consideration the student beyond the classroom. Instructors play various roles as facilitators, instructors, policemen, and counselors, among other roles to be able to fully cater to the needs of the students and to benefit the group as a whole. I am currently teaching abroad and have committed to a year. I did not know what to expect nor how to prepare, but I did have prior exposure to teaching as an assistant. Now, I am actually the teacher and have been in my role for a couple of months. Reflecting on what I thought it meant to be a teacher compared to what I think now, English teachers, teachers in general, must possess certain personal qualities such as empathy and patience. Every student is a person beyond the classroom also playing many roles within their family while developing physically and emotionally. The personal quality of being empathetic is important to have as an English teacher because we are teaching students whose native language is most likely not English. At my school, I have a co-worker lacking in empathy. He mocks the kids. He makes them feel unsettled. I am only aware of this because the students share with me their frustrations! He may be an experienced teacher, but he sure lacks understanding. I take into consideration my students’ circumstances and reflect on how that may impact their learning experience. I had to take an excused absence to return to seven and nine-year-olds questioning my whereabouts; they shared with me their stories of having had a less empathetic teacher. I listen to my students as much as possible and know that my students value this trait. Patience is a necessity in the classroom. The old saying goes “patience is a virtue.” This is quite true for any teacher. As I had expressed with the previous trait, it is something that must be worked on intentionally. Teachers will have to exert energy and understanding within their teaching careers. Depending on the age of the students, it will foreshadow what degree of patience needed. For instance, I am teaching young students. This demographic of students oftentimes lack motivation and lose attention fairly quickly. On most occasions, I have found myself frustrated after having to explain an idea more than twice or address a student for being a distraction to the class. Conversely, patience is asking questions and attempting to understand why; my students will share that they are oftentimes tired and hungry hindering their ability to focus. This sort of situation could have been easily written off as a disciplinary issue, but a student is a person beyond the classroom, too. Teaching is a lifelong commitment. English teachers will gradually grow alongside their craft honing various skillsets. They will also sharpen their personal qualities as a person. An English teacher will most certainly learn and unlearn personal qualities throughout their career however, in my experience, these two traits go hand in hand and are often overlooked, but necessary to nurture.