Teach English in Dandong Shi

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Teach English in Liujiahe Zhen, Dandong Shi
Having read through this very unit, one can't deny the fact that the ultimate goal of language is communication and the aim of speaking a language is to promote communicative efficiency
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Teach English in Qingshangou Zhen, Dandong Shi
It was helpful to look at the different challenges in teaching and learning how to communicate in a new language well, and to think about key differences between speaking and writing
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Teach English in Saima Zhen, Dandong Shi
A good opportunity to spend time thinking about the speaking and writing parts of a lesson, learning suggested lesson structures and possible activities that can be used to achieve certain objectives
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Teach English in Shizijie Zhen, Dandong Shi
Unit 12 was focused on teaching the productive skills, speaking and writing, and how they may be different from each other but they still have the same overall purpose of communication
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