Teach English in YimatuZhen - Fuxin Shi

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While writing and speaking are considered productive skills (as opposed to listening and reading, the receptive language skills),both require different teaching methodologies and pose different pedagogical difficulties.Speaking is the means through which a good ESL classroom will run and is most often the focus of students trying to learn the language. Speaking commands a certain level of fluency, which can only be acquired through regular practice. In addition, a speaker will often need to think “on the spot” and be ready to respond to some unpredictable circumstances. A variety of activities will not only keep a class active and interesting, but will also inevitably provide students with a wide-range of circumstances in which English must be used in different ways. Drilling students in the pronunciation of a certain word by first asking the class to repeat the target word three times and then calling on three separate students to try individually, is an example of a controlled activity, developed to build students’ confidence and to give them abundant practice before moving on to an activity that requires more free-thinking production. A guided activity might include a role-play complete with relevant vocabulary and appropriate phrases needed to enact a scene. This allows students to experiment with the language, while simultaneously ensuring them that they are on the right track, producing understandable, applicable language.Finally a creative activity allows students to choose freely from all the English they already know to produce something more likely to mirror a real-life situation.