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Teach English in Tiancun Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
Future simple Forms[I will/ I will not/ will I?/ will I not?] Can be used for future facts/promises/predictions/assumptions/speculations/decisions Future continuous Forms[I+will+be/will+I+be?/I+wont+be] Usage Used to say something will be in progress at a particular time in the future/to predict the present/to make polite enquiry into other peoples plans/forever to future events that are fixed or decided
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Teach English in Wuyun Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
The Future Tenses covered in Unit 8 mirror the present and past tenses covered in prior units, in that the forms and uses follow the same construct and rules
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Teach English in XijiAng Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
The various forms of future tense can be very intimidating for beginner students, especially for those who come from a language background without verb tenses
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Teach English in Yangcun Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
This unit focuses on the future tense (future simple, future continuous, future perfect and the future perfect continuous) and it gives some examples of how the tense should be used in a sentence and it highlights some of the common mistakes that learners can make when using the tense
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