Teach English in Ganzhou Shi

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Teach English in GuAnxi Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
This unit speaks about the different future tenses including: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple and present contiuous if they have future implications
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Teach English in Guobu Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
This was a tough one! Once again I leant about the different tenses and how to form them, for what they are used, the common mistakes made and teaching ideas
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Teach English in HengjiAng Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
Unit 8 gives understanding of the whole group of Future tenses such as Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous as well as structure "to be going to" + infinitive and Present Simple and Present Continuous Tence for Future
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Teach English in Huangpo Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
This unit is a bit more complicated than the present and past tenses, for I found the usage of the future tense more extensive than the others, but with less certainty when describing an action with or without evidence for instance
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Teach English in JiAding Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
I think this is the most difficult aspect of grammar but could also be the most fun since thinking about the future allows the speaker to use their imagination to a great degree and allows for greater creativity
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Teach English in JiAngbei Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
The future tenses are a little more complicated than the past tenses but thanks to a solid understanding of present tenses from a few units ago, it wasn't too much trouble understanding future tenses
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Teach English in Jibu Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
This unit taught the various types of future tenses, their sentence structure, when each type is used, common mistakes/errors made by students, and also provided various teaching ideas to practice each tense
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