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Teach English in Jiulong Gongyeyuan, Ganzhou Shi
In this unit 8 I have learned all about future tenses, such as: form, and usages were very useful, however the part of typical mistakes and errors was interesting, thus I write in my notes like advise for me
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Teach English in Laocheng Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
Unit 8 Future tenses It is really true that so many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings (like: Be going + infinitive; the present simple and the present continuous)
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Teach English in Longhui Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
The content explains the future tenses and their proper usage: future simple (will + verb infinitive), future continuous (will + be + present participle of the main verb), future perfect (will + have + past participle of the main verb), future perfect continuous (will + have + been + present participle of the main verb), "going to" future and also gives examples of certain circumstances where present simple and present continuous can represent a future time as well
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Teach English in Longtang Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
In grammar, a future tense is a verb form that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happened yet, but expected to happen in the future
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Teach English in MeijiAng Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
The Future Tenses 1) The future simple – I will eat later (Affirmative: S + will/shall + verb) 2) The future continuous – I will be going soon (Affirmative: S + will + be + verb+ing) 3) The future perfect – I will have finished eating by 6 o’clock (Affirmative: S + will + have + past participle) 4) The future perfect continuous – He’ll have been drinking for hours before we arrive
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Teach English in Meilin Zhen, Ganzhou Shi
Future forms are too many but one must master the forms usage that will provide the framework or skeleton to determine the perfect grammar that is correct
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