Teach English in Ji'an Shi

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Teach English in Dafen Zhen, Ji'an Shi
This unit on future tenses, aside from the practical lesson of definitions and usages of each tense, taught me that even present tenses can be used to express future actions
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Teach English in FengjiAng Zhen, Ji'an Shi
I'm glad to be at the end of the 'tenses' units for this course, I've actually found them really quite difficult to differentiate each one - perfect, continuous etc This last unit on future tenses I found to have more info and examples than the previous one on past tenses which I scored horribly in, maybe this one seemed easier since I've done all three now and the info is starting to set in a little bit more
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Teach English in Futian Zhen, Ji'an Shi
The future tense maybe be a little confusing for students as it not only comprises actions in the future, but actions that may already be finished and completed in the future
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Teach English in GAoping Zhen, Ji'an Shi
There are seven future tesnses in English: 1) Future simple ( will + base form of verb) 2) Future continuous (will + be + verb + ing) 3) Future perfect (will + have + past participle) 4) Future perfect continuous ( will + have +been + verb + ing) 5) ‘Going to’ future 6) Present continuous (with a future meaning) 7) Present simple ( with a future meaning) Each of them presents differences in usage: 1) The future simple is used when we make prediction based on no evidence; to make offers and promises; when expressing decisions made while we are speaking
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