Teach English in Baishishan Zhen - Jilin Shi

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Watching this teacher's two classes side by side really gave me insight into how a student might be feeling during a class. I found the first one hard to watch due to the complete confusion of the students and the agitated state the teacher found himself in. I would not have wanted to be in a class like that, and I can really see how simple things such as greeting students with a smile, introducing yourself, and greeting each student one by one to learn their names can set the whole class up for success. I really admire the way the straight-arrow ESA lesson plan builds upon itself. Even though students were participating at first, they were a little timid. However, by the end of the second video, they were participating with great energy and seemed to really be grasping the material. The tone of the teacher allows students to feel comfortable taking risks, and because of that they are able to practice more and eventually gain confidence with their skills. It all starts with the teacher's attitude.