Teach English in Jilin Shi

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Teach English in Baiqi Zhen, Jilin Shi
I found these videos highly effective to shed light on the contrast between teaching styles that boils down to whether a teacher is prepared and is cultivating a good rapport or not
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Teach English in Dasuihe Zhen, Jilin Shi
The Unit 10 is based around the two ESA demonstration videos where one lesson is being taught effectively, while in the other lesson the teacher is deliberately making a number off basic errors
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Teach English in Futai Zhen, Jilin Shi
I learnt some tips for a successful lesson through the videos: - have a positive and engaging attitude to students - always smile - speak clearly and slowly - know students’ names and involve all students to the lesson - give clear explanation of the lesson point so that the students will be familiar with the concept discussed - errors and mistakes are accepted during Engage phase to encourage students to express their thoughts - before any activities, give students clear demonstrations and instructions - take time to check individual students’ results and give advice, available to answer all the students’ questions
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