Teach English in Hulan Zhen - Jilin Shi

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In the Unit 10 I was able to understant through the videos how a teacher can confuse or help studens.For example in the first video the teacher did not care about the studens at all. When they were making mistakes he did not try to correct them and he was just rude by saying 'No it's wrong.!!'. He never explaned a thing he was saying or even the activity he try to make with the students. As a result the students were all the time confused and not able to learn a bit of what he was trying to 'teach' or to participate in the activity. On the other hand in the second video the teacher was polite from the begining till the end of the lesson. Firstly he introduced himself when he came in class and he greeted them at the end. Secondly he was smiling all the time and the students was able to participate more as they were feeling more comfortable. Finally he was explaining everything he was teaching by giving examples or giving the chance to the students to try give answers even if they were saying something wrong.