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Teach English in Caowu Zhen, Jingmen Shi
Stress is something that everyone is made familiar with in their lives, and one of the earliest places it can be encountered regularly is in school
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Teach English in ChangtAn, Jingmen Shi
One of the most important intrinsic values in classroom management that need to be addressed with utmost seriousness is the motivation level of students in the class
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Teach English in Fengle Zhen, Jingmen Shi
There are many tools a teacher of language can use in order to impart important aspects of the target language like grammar and vocabulary to their students
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Teach English in GuAndAng Zhen, Jingmen Shi
Increasing motivation in the young classroom exponentially increases language learning success by increasing participation, desire to discover more language, student-initiated thinking in the new language, and confidence
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Teach English in GuAnzhuAnghu Guanliqu, Jingmen Shi
In this essay, I will not only take a closer look on how to deal with difficult students and how to properly react to and solve challenging situations in the classroom but I will also highlight possible solutions outside the classroom
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Teach English in Heji, Jingmen Shi
This essay seeks to discuss the possible disadvantages of negative reinforcement, specifically corporal punishment, as a means of discipline, when used by educators teaching young learners
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Teach English in Lǜlin Zhen, Jingmen Shi
As both an individual tutor and group teacher of High Beginning Conversational English for the ESL division of Literacy New Jersey, I have become familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of volunteer teaching
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Teach English in Lixi Zhen, Jingmen Shi
While both Americans and the British speak English, there are a few variations in the language which can cause some confusion for non-native speakers
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Teach English in Luodian Zhen, Jingmen Shi
As we all know English has become a global language that is fast rising and also language shapes our thinking, reasoning and the way we behave in the society, this has been proven by scholars in America and other parts of the world
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Teach English in Luohansi, Jingmen Shi
I was extremely overjoyed when I saw this as one of the options for the “Summative Task”, because I myself have been teaching EFL online for about a year and a half, and EFL in general for about two years
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