Teach English in Luodian Zhen - Jingmen Shi

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As we all know English has become a global language that is fast rising and also language shapes our thinking, reasoning and the way we behave in the society, this has been proven by scholars in America and other parts of the world. The way a French thing or dresses is different from an English person, as a result statistics shows that the English world or society is far better. English certificates are world recognized qualifications as result a student that study in an English system is of better chances to secure a good job anywhere in the world than a qualification from other parts of the world. English as a language has open doors in Asian countries of recent years if you noticed most Americans, UK and Africa speaking countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Cameroonian ( Part) are been employed in Asia countries as English teachers and they are well paid and taken care of this is a boost in their life better benefits as well it a boost in their career. In Asia now many Asians are now trying to learn English and English will soon be implemented at their universities because the government has noticed that for her citizens to get better offers in companies they need to know a little of English so they can express themselves when been called for interviews by any companies. Furthermore, looking at Africa as well most parents sent their children to study in the English countries their reason is because they are looking at the future of their children because English is global and with English you stand a better chance of getting a good job the by changing or improving your career. In addition, some countries have start changing their national language from French to English, an example of such country is Morocco and Rwanda the reason is simple they want a better career for their population most importantly the students because by learning or studying in English you stand better chance than the local language and your qualification will be recognized worldwide without any doubts in their mind. Moreover, lately you will noticed that china and other foreign countries around the world sent their young learners especially those studying science to go do apprentice or carry experiment with the help of other learners from America and UK, if they can express them self in English what will happen they will a communication barrier between learners from both countries as a result the task needed to be done will not be completed and both student will not be able to learn from each other not increase in their career they will stay on one spot steering at each other in eyes and nothing say, but with the help English both can communicate work together in a friendly environment after completing the task they most have learn something new from each other and also it will help to boost their career by learning from each other and even more.