Teach English in Maliang Zhen - Jingmen Shi

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English is the most commonly used language around the world. It has over 1.1 billion first and second-language users worldwide. Every country has a unique language that is being used but English became so popular that a lot of countries would like to learn and be fluent with it. Some of these countries are Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, etc. They know that learning English can give them the edge and advantage to be globally competitive. English as a language acts as a bridge to connect countries all round the world. We use this as our platform to communicate globally. There are a lot of benefits having one language as global language. 1. Opens the door to a lot of opportunities. A lot of people would like to learn English because this will open a lot of doors for new opportunities. We can easily find a job if we are good at English. Most transactions at work uses English. That include emails, memos, contracts, etc. It would be easier as well to be hired in an international country or company. Usually, job interviews are conducted in English. An applicant who can speak English better would be more competitive and has more chances of being hired than the one who does speak the English language. If we know the English language, it is more fun too to go abroad. There will be new business ventures that could be built having one means of communication. For example, here in the Philippines, the BPO industry is very rampant since Filipinos speak the English language well. Countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, etc invest build their business here in the Philippines mainly because the cost is reasonable and because of the quality of service that Filipinos can provide. 2. Provides ease in travelling. There are also a lot of benefits when we go travelling. It makes getting around easier. Knowing English will save you from getting lost in a foreign country. It is unlikely that no one knows English in a particular country. Hotel and restaurant employees, as well as store merchants, probably speak English to some degree. So we will be able to enjoy our vacation more. No issues ordering food in a restaurant, checking in in a hotel or going shopping. This will give you the best holiday and the chance to discover the finest places and attractions in town. This can really make travelling easier and worth it. 3. We can make new connections. It is such a delight to know about a different culture or a new country. We can be able to communicate and interact with other nationalities through English. It is really exciting to know more about a new culture and to make friends to a person from another country. 4. Media, Entertainment and Arts. The most popular movies, TV shows and songs are dubbed in English. Even most magazines and newspapers are written in English too. We will be able to enjoy more with entertainment knowing the English language. 5. Information Technology. Mostly, software programs are written in English. Knowing the English language will enable engineers to quickly create new software and adapt to new tools easily. English is indeed a widely-spoken language throughout the globe. It's benefits are endless.