Teach English in ShuAnghe Zhen - Jingmen Shi

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Although it is important to be well versed in the knowledge of the subject that is going to be taught, it is also important that a teacher have the important teaching skills to create a positive learning environment for his or her students. For a class to be able to learn effectively, the teacher must be able to have the teaching skills to inspire confidence in his or her students. By exhibiting and using proper teaching skills, a teacher will be able to apply these skills to work better with the lives and learning habits of their students in a variety of ways. In order to be a great teacher, one must display good communication. Teaching is all about communication. One must be able to explain the material in such a way that it is meaningful to the student. An effective teacher with good communication skills will also be able to create a comfortable atmosphere for their students to learn in. Also, teachers who are able to use both verbal and non-verbal communication will be able to help their students understand what is to be expected of them and will help build their student’s confidence in learning. In addition to good communication, a teacher must demonstrate adaptability and flexibility. A teacher should understand that there is no set way of teaching and each and every one of their student is different when it comes to learning. Therefore, understanding the desired outcome of a student is essential to help teachers make sense of what needs to take place and what styles need to be altered or tweaked in order to help students succeed. Since students may have many different backgrounds or cultures, they can have very different interpretations and views of what they believe should be acquired during their time of learning to achieve their goals as a student. As a result, a good teacher will be able to have this teaching skill to understand his or her students, and will be able to change their role according to the activity, situation, or student. An equally important teaching skill besides communication and adaptability would be to know how to deal with conflict. Teachers need to be able to demonstrate that they know how to deal with a difficult situation in their classroom. A teacher needs to be able to have the willpower to be firm as well as fair with their discipline techniques, without being walked all over. A teacher must be able to demonstrate a calm, patient, and professional demeanor to carefully handle a situation without offending or taking sides with anyone. A final analysis of teaching skills shows that teachers need to have certain skills to be able to deliver and create important information and activities as well as understand the different perspective of their students. It is important that a teacher cultivate certain skills to create a comfortable and productive learning environment for their students. There are several views and interpretations out there regarding what people believe would be effective teaching skills. However, having good communication, being adaptable, and being able to handle discipline are just a few of many effective teaching skills to have to be a competent teacher.