Teach English in Zengji Zhen - Jingmen Shi

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I. Rational, Aim of study Basing on the development of technology and the trend of globalization nowadays, online English lessons are very popular and will be very popular in the future. However, there are many difficulties which teachers have to face with when teaching online. Understanding its advantages and disadvantages to have the appropriate teaching methods could help you overcome all troubles and be successful. II. Advantages and disadvantages of teaching online 1. Advantages - It’s cheaper: All we need is a computer which is connected with the internet and most of the online resources is very attractive, diversified and free such as: videos, songs, flashcards, recordings and e-course books. Without paying the fee of material facilities and a classroom, we can save a large amount of money. - It takes less time: It’s so convenient when you can arrange your time and your job to take an English lesson just in your own room. You don’t have to spend your time on travelling to the classroom in the hot or cold weather. - It’s modern and globalization : Most people today have the habits of using the Internet because of its conveniences. We can read the news, watch our favorite TV shows, chat with friends, book appointments, shop, and so much more not only in your own local but it’s also all over the world. => So why don’t we taking online English lessons to reduce your costs, your time, make friend and you can choose freely the teacher, the class you want in over the world. 2. Disadvantages - Restricting the interaction between teachers and students. Face to face lessons can help teachers use their facial expressions, gestures, movement well to contact with the students and control the class. Instead of that, online lesson which students don’t have to be physically present in a classroom, it demands the teacher have to be really good at his/her voice to attract and make student concentrating which is considered is really hard. III. Activities and materials should be used 1. “Warmer activities”: It’s obvious that having some activities to help students relax in the environment and create a positive atmosphere to practice and experiment with the language. In this stage, it takes a short time of five minutes. The teacher can greeting and let students introduce their own about some basic information of their name, their old ect. After that, having a catchy hello/ greeting song is a good idea for starting a lesson. 2. Engage stage of the lesson: In this stage, teacher may introduce or indicate the topic of the lesson. Teacher can show the picture, video which are related to the topic and then give some questions/ ideas to let student talk about their thoughts/ their experiences of this topic in general. 3. Study stage of the lesson: in this stage, teacher need to concentrate the lesson with learning vocabulary, grammar, and practising other skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are many useful activities you can apply, from the reality resource (flash cards or other real things) to online resources (videos, images, songs) and using other created materials such as: Crosswords, Find the words in the grid to the left, Rearrange the words or the sentences, Fill in the blanks etc. With the help of technology, these activities will be more easy, attractive and motivated. 4. Activate stage of the lesson: teacher can assess a situation to let student role- playing or instruct students making their own story, opinions which are applied from the topic contents. After that, presenting them before others. 5. “Ending” activities: In the short time, teacher need to summary the lesson and evaluate student’s skills and encourage students in the following lessons. The lesson is really end with a nice goodbye song. IV. Conclusion Teaching online is difficult or easy? it depends on your own. If you have a good plan, a high level of energy for your student, you will be an excellent online English teacher.